News Archive - August 13, 2012

Conservatives Winning On Donations From Virginians

Virginians contributed 40 times more to conservative Super PACs than to liberal ones, according to numbers released by the Virginia Public Access Project.

Maryland House Making Slow Progress On Gaming Bill

The expansion of gaming in Maryland is still undecided, as two House committees are making slow moves to deal with the issue.

Virginia Republicans Reconsider Norquist Pledge

Some Virginia Republicans are moving away from the famous Grover Norquist pledge that aims to never raise taxes.

Appalachian Trail Celebrates 75 Years

It may be 75 years old, but like the people who use it, the Appalachian Trail is always moving.

Ad Campaign Focuses On Infrastructure Investment

A Virginia transportation company is launching a national TV ad campaign to focus more attention on the benefits of freight rail and all infrastructure investments.

Virginia Hospitals To Receive Penalties For Re-Admittance

Five Virginia medical centers may face penalties when patients are re-admitted to the hospital after being discharged.

Montgomery County Drops Voter Referendum On Ambulance Fees

In a startling reversal, Montgomery County's Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association says it will not seek another voter referendum on ambulance fees.

Low-Income Students To Receive Federal Assistance On AP Tests

Low-income students in Maryland and Virginia will receive federal assistance to help pay for advanced placement tests.

The Torch Is Out: Olympic Moments Will Burn On

From the London Games' opening ceremony through 302 medal events, these Summer Olympics have fed fans a rich diet of history and spectacle. I can only wish that I'd been able to eat it all — but part of the allure of the Olympics is that there's no way to watch everything.

With Four Candidates Now Campaigning, 'Choice' Is The Theme

President Obama and GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan were in Iowa, where they told supporters that the general election would give voters a stark choice between two visions of the nation's future. With Mitt Romney in Florida and Joe Biden in North Carolina, all four candidates worked to energize supporters in key swing states.

Judge Keeps Some Documents Sealed In Colo. Shooting Case

The judge also affirmed a gag order, keeping parties involved from talking about the case.

Waterfront Debate Key To Alexandria Mayoral Race

Two candidates for Alexandria Mayor disagree over legal issues regarding the waterfront redevelopment plan.

London 2012 Games Set A Viewership Record, At 219.4 Million

The London Summer Games have now become the most-watched television event in U.S. history, with a total of 219.4 viewers over 17 days of coverage. Those high ratings push London 2012 past Beijing 2008, which held the previous record of 215 million viewers.

Fundraising For D.C. Council Candidates Going Strong

The latest campaign finance reports are showing strong fundraising numbers for candidates running for the D.C. Council.

Google To Buy Frommer's Travel Guides

Financial terms were not disclosed, but one news report said Google will pay about $23 million. The deal could allow Google to sell travel-related ads against search results that feature Frommer's.

From Curiosity, Another Martian Landscape

The images are in color and high resolution.

Thousands Of Hospitals Face Penalties For High Readmission Rates

Nearly one in five Medicare beneficiaries is readmitted within a month, and a new effort under the Affordable Care Act wants to change that by penalizing hospitals with high readmission rates. But hospitals say it will be counterproductive.

Gabby Douglas Gets One More Gold, For Winning Facebook Fans

They've been called the first "Social Games" — and the London Summer Olympics have made social stars out of athletes like gymnast Gabrielle Douglas, who saw her Facebook fanbase grow by nearly 4,000 percent.

VIDEO: Paul Ryan Is Interrupted By Hecklers During First Solo Appearance

A couple of protesters at the Iowa State Fair questioned whether Ryan was going to cut Medicare. Mitt Romney was heckled at the same stage last summer.

Tax-Free Shopping Begins In Maryland

Shoppers in Maryland are taking advantage of some tax-free shopping from Aug. 12 to 18.

A Lasting Legacy In Pomona, Calif.

Dr. Jamie Lynn Garcia grew the two-room Pomona Free Clinic into the Pomona Community Health Center, which serves thousands of homeless and uninsured residents.

Shooting Near Texas A&M Campus Leaves 3 Dead

Police say a man, receiving an eviction notice, opened fire leaving one police officer dead.

Study Finds Snack, Soda Regulations In Schools Help Kids' Health

Fifth- through eighth-graders gained less weight in states that limit junk food sales in schools, compared with kids in states without such laws. That's according to a new analysis published online in Pediatrics.

Helen Gurley Brown, Legendary Cosmo Editor, Is Dead

Brown was responsible for writing frankly about sex at a time when it was rare. Her legend, however, will be for pioneering the sex-centric glossy magazines we know today.

Winners And Losers From London's Summer Olympics, 'The Crying Games'

The London 2012 Olympics were billed as the Social Games, with fans following along on Twitter, Facebook and other services. But it might be remembered as "The Crying Games," for the swelling of emotions many Britons experienced. We run down some of the winners and losers of the Summer Olympics.

Analysis: How Choice Of Ryan For VP Plays In Virginia

National Journal Hotline's Reid Wilson talks about why Mitt Romney announced his vice president in Virginia, Gov. Bob McDonnell's political future, and how the choice of Paul Ryan will play in the commonewealth. 

Hog Prices Rise On Word That Feds Will Buy Pork In Bid To Help Farmers

President Obama announced today that the federal government will try to help farmers hit hard by feed prices that have been driven up due to the drought. The plan to buy pork, chicken, lamb and catfish products will raise prices.

Jesse Jackson Jr. Is Being Treated For Bipolar Depression, Says Hospital

Jackson has been on a leave of absence from the House since June 10. His condition has been the topic of much speculation.

Amid Intense Fighting, Syria's U.N. Human Rights Envoy Defects

Danny al-Baaj said he could no longer help his people, so he had to move on and join the opposition.

Woman Among Presidential Debate Moderators For First Time In 20 Years

For the first time in 20 years, a woman — CNN's Candy Crowley — will moderate a presidential debate, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced Monday. The moderators for all three presidential debates and the sole vice-presidential debate were named.

Olympics Closing Ceremony: Both Well-Received And Anger-Inducing

The London 2012 Olympics are officially over, but people are still buzzing about Sunday's closing ceremony. It included many of the highlights of British culture and history that weren't in London's opening ceremony. And in America, some viewers are angry about what was left out of the U.S. feed.

House Republicans Sue AG Holder Over 'Fast And Furious' Documents

The White House has exerted executive privilege over the documents in question. Republicans say Obama has overstepped his authority.

Gardening For Good In Pompano, Fla.

The Need to Feed Gardening Initiative plants community gardens, runs a community cafe and donates fresh produce to local food pantries.

Accident Kills Driver, Injures Police Officer In Alexandria

A fatal accident involving a police cruiser halted traffic on Franconia Road in Alexandria earlier today. The driver of the other vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene; the police officer was hospitalized with minor injuries.

Norway's Massacre Could Have Been Stopped Sooner, Commission Concludes

Plans to protect government buildings from vehicle bombs had been ignored. Also, police were slow in getting to the scene where the attacker was killing teens.

Feds Conclude Probe Of Polar Bear Scientists

Critics have charged that the two-year federal investigation into two researchers who wrote a famous report on drowned polar bears was a witch hunt. The probe is over, but the scientists have not been allowed to see its conclusions, their lawyer says.

Cummings 'Vehemently Opposed' To D.C. Commuter Tax

Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings is speaking out against a possible D.C. commuter tax that his colleague, California Rep. Darrel Issa, said last month he is willing ot explore. 

Key Test Tuesday For Hypersonic Flight

Over the Pacific Ocean, there's going to be a test of an experimental unmanned aircraft called the X-51A WaveRider. If all goes as planned, it will accelerate to about 3,600 mph — a speed that could get you from L.A. to N.Y.C. in 46 minutes.

Maryland House Committee To Meet Again On Gambling

A Maryland State House committee didn't quite finish up its work on a Maryland expansion of gaming bill this weekend, and they'll meet again to hash out some proposed amendments. A final House vote could come today or tomorrow.

VIDEOS: Another Dust Storm Blankets Phoenix

Haboobs — huge dust storms — are hitting the city more often than they used to. Scorching temperatures, even by Arizona standards, and unusually dry conditions are combining to create more of the dirt clouds.

Does Ryan Pick Help Or Hurt Romney's Chances In Florida?

Older Cuban-Americans are unhappy with Paul Ryan's past support for trade with Cuba, but that stand may matter less to younger voters in the community. And recent history shows that Ryan's desire to change Social Security and Medicare may no longer be the third rail of politics in Florida.

Top Stories: Campaign Enters New Phase; 'Coup' In Egypt

Also: Google cuts 4,000 jobs at Motorola Mobility; most of those killed by earthquakes in Iran are women and children; excessive heat warnings continue in Arizona, California; Obama to announce food aid for drought-stricken farmers.

In Egypt, Talk Of Coups And Countercoups

President Mohammed Morsi's bold move to sack two top generals is generating much discussion about how it could be a decisive step toward democracy.

Google Cutting 4,000 Jobs At Motorola; 1,300 Of Them Are In U.S.

After acquiring the cellphone maker for $12.5 billion, Google is streamlining its operations.

Paul Ryan: Bold Move By Romney, More Ammo For Democrats, Or Both?

Mitt Romney made a risky and daring move in naming House Budget Committee chair Paul Ryan as his running mate. It's a choice that has excited conservatives. But it also gives the White House an opportunity to switch focus from President Obama to the GOP and its plans for Medicare.

It's Deja Vu All Over Again: Campaign's Focus Returns To Iowa

With Rep. Paul Ryan now installed as Mitt Romney's choice for running mate, the contests shifts to a higher gear. And Iowa is again where the contenders are focusing. Both Ryan and President Obama will be there today.

Up Against The Walls In Washington, D.C.

MuralsDC trains young artists to paint mural masterpieces over tired, tawdry graffiti. The paintings allow everyone to experience something beautiful — without going to a museum or gallery.

Art Beat With Sean Rameswaram, Aug. 13

Word salad, Untitled Me, and Barry.