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Orange, Red Lines Snared By Weekend Track Work

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Riders may experience delays on the Red and Orange Line this weekend as Metro works on repairs.
Riders may experience delays on the Red and Orange Line this weekend as Metro works on repairs.

Scheduled track work is causing delays on Metro's Red and Orange Lines this weekend.

Starting at 10 p.m. Friday, buses are replacing trains on the Red line between Union Station and Fort Totten while crews work on the tracks.  To get through that stretch of the Red line, passengers will have to take a shuttle bus. Metro says express buses running directly between Union Station and Fort Totten will add an extra 20 minutes of travel time, while local buses servicing all stations will take 30 minutes longer than usual. The green line may be a good alternative for passengers traveling between Fort Totten and downtown D.C.

Meanwhile on the Orange line, buses are replacing trains between Vienna and East Falls Church for testing related to the Silver line extension to Dulles airport. Express buses are adding an extra 15 minutes to your trip. Local buses could add up to 40 minutes.

Service should be back to normal on Monday.


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