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House Republicans Vote To Repeal Health Care Law

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The region's Republicans in the U.S. House voted once again to repeal the nation's health care law. By some counts it's the 33rd time the House has voted to repeal all or part of the law. Democrats, such as Virginia's Bobby Scott, are quick to point out the GOP's campaign slogan from 2010 though.

"So when they say they are going to 'Repeal and Replace,' I think they have an obligation to articulate with some clarity what they're going to replace it with other than a slogan," says Scott.

Besides medical malpractice reform, which the GOP has championed for years, many Republicans say they want to hash out the details of replacing the law after the Senate acts on their efforts to repeal it. That's a hard bargain for Democrats to buy.

But Virginia Rep. Morgan Griffith says Republicans want to avoid rushing a bill through like Democrats did.

"I think we have to go in and do a comprehensive review," says Griffith. "I think we need to have the inclusion of the American people testify in front of the committee and make sure the patient and the doctor are the primary movers before we move forward with health care.

The health care debate will once again be front and center in this year's elections, and analysts aren't expecting any major action on health care until 2013.


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