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Area Lawmakers Weigh In On Another Health Care Vote

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The region's lawmakers in the U.S. House voted along party lines in another Republican attempt to repeal the nation's health care law on Wednesday.

Hours after the Supreme Court upheld the health law, Republicans were preparing for this symbolic vote. By some counts, it's the 32nd time the House has voted to repeal all or part of the law, which Northern Virginia Democrat Gerry Connolly pointed out on the House floor.

"So you'd think Republicans would move on to the real challenges facing our economy, like unemployment and the expiration of individual and business tax cuts," said Connolly.

The Supreme Court upheld the health law under Congress' power to tax, and Virginia Republicans say it was important to have another vote now that it's officially been dubbed a tax. Congressman Randy Forbes says the GOP is giving voters what they asked for in 2010.

"And as we set a new course for healthcare in America, we begin to do what the American people want us to do and set a new course and a new direction for America," says Forbes.

The repeal bill is expected to die in the Senate, but the issue isn't going anywhere ahead of November's elections.


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