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Utility Companies Expect Nearly A Week For Full Restoration

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Friday night's severe storm toppled over trees and knock down hundreds of power lines, including this one in Prince George's County.
Armando Trull
Friday night's severe storm toppled over trees and knock down hundreds of power lines, including this one in Prince George's County.

Nearly a million people were still without power Sunday, following Friday night's storm that tore through the D.C. region. Utility crews worked Saturday and Sunday to restore power to local residents and businesses.

Pepco executives say their estimated time of restoration--the time they expect power to be restored to nearly all of their customers--is Friday, July 6 at 11 p.m. Officials say 90 percent of customers should have power back by then.

Dominion Power official Rodney Blevins say the Virginia utility is working with a similar timetable.

“We expect to restore 90 to 95 percent by Thursday, and expect nearly all to be restored by Saturday, and restoration complete by Sunday,” says Blevins.

Baltimore Gas and Electric, which provides power to over a million people in Maryland, also says the outages could last well into the week for some customers.

Meanwhile, Pepco says cleanup crews from as far as Oklahoma, Florida and Georgia have been called to help with restoration efforts. Many of the crews are expected to arrive Monday. Officials say they've mobilized more than 2,000 people to help with cleanup.

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