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Alexandria Voters Mindful Of Waterfront Project

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One of the properties the city is considering acquiring by eminent domain is known as Wales Alley, shown here.
Alexandria Department of Planning and Zoning
One of the properties the city is considering acquiring by eminent domain is known as Wales Alley, shown here.


One of the hottest primary races on the Virginia ballot is in Alexandria, where 14 candidates are seeking six spots on the Democratic ticket for Alexandria City Council. 

Many voters say they are trying to maximize their influence by engaging in a bullet vote -- also known as plunking. The idea is to vote for one or two candidates instead of all six. When the votes are tallied at the end of the day, many expect to see a wide disparity between the top vote getter and the candidate at the back of the pack. Many Republicans say they're voting in the election as a protest to the city's waterfront plan, bullet voting for candidates who oppose the development proposal.



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