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Cantor's Legislative Program Disappoints Democrats And Republicans

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Rep. Eric Cantor's summer legislative program for the U.S. House is not being received well by Democrats or Republicans.
Rep. Eric Cantor's summer legislative program for the U.S. House is not being received well by Democrats or Republicans.

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) is seen as a leader of the new breed of conservatives in the U.S. House. Even so, he's riled the Club for Growth, a limited government group. A spokesman for the group told CQ Roll Call that Cantor's summer outline is disappointing.

Cantor wants House Republicans to focus on domestic oil and gas drilling and to continue their push to unwind regulations. But the right wing of the party wants him to paint a starker contrast with Democrats.

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) says he doesn't like the summer agenda for a different reason.

"From our perspective, the summer agenda that's been put forward is sadly lacking in terms of addressing some of the most important issues confronting our country," Hoyer says. "It does not include comprehensive jobs legislation. It does not address the deficit reduction in a serious way."

Analysts predict the partisan bickering will last through Election Day, though some big ticket items remain for lawmakers to hash out: like differences on the Violence Against Women Act and a transportation reauthorization.


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