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Maryland's Homegrown Crabs Are 'True Blue'

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Maryland's blue crabs are considered tastier than those from elsewhere, so make sure you're dining at places that offer "true blue."
Maryland's blue crabs are considered tastier than those from elsewhere, so make sure you're dining at places that offer "true blue."

It's the season for crab feasts in the Mid-Atlantic region, and Maryland is trying to get more of its own crabs onto dinner tables in restaurants.

Restaurants that serve crab meat that's at least 75 percent from Maryland get to display a little picture of a blue crab and the Maryland seal on their menus. Maryland is calling this its "True Blue" program

Most crab meat sold in the state is from elsewhere — Louisiana, North Carolina and even Venezuela. Some chefs argue that Maryland crab meat tastes better and should be labeled, so that consumers know whether or not they're getting the good stuff.

Fish salesmen point out that Maryland crabs are more expensive, currently around 30 percent pricier. And Marylanders really love their crabs, so supply is nowhere near enough to satisfy Marylander's collective appetite, so there's no way all restaurants would be able to stick with just Maryland crabs, even if they were so inclined.

For discerning crab connoisseurs, there are 84 restaurants that have signed on so far.


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