News Archive - May 7, 2012

Fuel-Efficient 787 Dreamliner On Display At National Airport

Aviation aficianados, take heed. Boeing is showing off their high-tech and fuel-efficient new 787 Dreamliner this week at Reagan National Airport.

Montgomery Lawmakers Fear 'Doomsday' Even With Special Session

A special session of Maryland's General Assembly will be held next week to try and avert $500 million in automatic cuts. Faced with some of the compromises they'll have to make, some local lawmakers would rather take the cuts.

Environmental Groups To Protest Dominion's 15-Year Plan

Environmental groups plan to protest a meeting of the State Corporation Commission in Richmond Tuesday, calling out Dominion Virginia Power for their lack of support for wind and solar power.

Romney Town Hall Shows Risks Of Handing Voters The Mic

Mitt Romney, who appears well on his way to becoming the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, got a taste of the risk of handing voters the microphone at a Monday campaign event in a Euclid, OH manufacturing company.

Univision, ABC News Team Up To Launch New Cable News Channel

The news and lifestyle channel will be targeted to Latinos in the United States.

Moms Often Overlook Toddlers' Weight Problems

More than two-thirds of the mothers participating in a recent study were inaccurate in their assessments. And the biggest problem was moms who thought their overweight toddlers were just fine.

CIA Thwarts New, More Sophisticated Underwear Bomber

The CIA said no airliners were ever in danger and it was planned for the anniversary of Osama bin Laden's death.

South Capitol Street Shooters Found Guilty

The families of victims reacted with relief after a jury found five defendants, accused of perpetrating a deadly spate of violence around South Capitol Street in 2010 that claimed five lives, guilty of murder.

Students Injured In Prince George's School Bus Crash

Nearly two dozen Prince George's County school children escaped a serious brush with danger Monday morning, after a utility van struck their school bus. The driver of the van, however, was not so lucky.

Scientists Estimate Dinosaurs Passed Enough Gas To Warm Up The Planet

Their flatulence and burps were more than four times that of modern-day cows, scientists estimate.

5 (Plus 1) Options For The Aging Politician

If the latest polls hold, Richard Lugar, R-Ind., may be headed out of the U.S. Senate after Tuesday's primary in Indiana. But don't worry too much about the 80-year-old Lugar. There are plenty of post-politics options for a former lawmaker. Even for an octogenarian.

Four Possible Post-Election Moves For Greece, France

After a weekend election that created even more potential uncertainty for both countries, observers weigh in on what could happen next.

What HBO And iCarly Can Do To Get Kids Psyched About Veggies

As part of efforts to spotlight obesity, health officials are betting that HBO and Nickelodeon entertainment companies can teach kids it's cool to form healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.

VIDEO: In Copenhagen, A Very Classy Flash Mob On The Metro

In an audacious move, the Copenhagen Philharmonic performs Edvard Grieg's Peer Gynt on a moving, crowded metro train.

In Photos: Vladimir Putin Assumes The Presidency In Russia

Becoming Russia's president for a third time, Putin took the oath amid protests.

The Visual South, Part I: Unseen Scenes Of Guantanamo

North Carolina photographer Christopher Sims has been to Guantanamo Bay twice to capture the things he thinks are overlooked.

Investigation Into Adelphi Hit-And-Run Continues

Police are continuing the investigation of deadly hit and run accident in Adelphi, Md. last Saturday.

Early Report: U.S. Highway Deaths Fall To Lowest Number Since 1949

Safety experts said the decline might, in part, have to do with Americans driving fewer miles and greater use of seat belts.

Indiana Sen. Dick Lugar May Not Survive Tuesday's GOP Primary

In 1974, Richard Lugar was known as "Richard Nixon's favorite mayor," which didn't help his bid for the Senate. Now, with the Tea Party calling him "Barack Obama's favorite senator," he is in real danger of losing the GOP primary on Tuesday.

Hostage In Pakistan Is Aid Expert

Warren Weinstein was kidnapped last August. Al-Qaida says he'll be released if the U.S. stops airstrikes in Pakistan and elsewhere. Weinstein says in a new video that he'll be killed if President Obama doesn't agree to the demands.

Protesters Fight For Immigration Rights

Protesters unhappy with how deportation cases are being handled will be voicing their concern at immigration offices across the country today.

Some U.S. Conservatives See Obama In France's Hollande

The traditional phone call an American president makes to congratulate any new leader of a major American ally became cause for suspicion, as did the invitation Obama extended to France's new socialist leader, Francois Hollande, to visit the White House before the NATO meeting in Chicago and the G-8 Summit at Camp David.

Making $200 Million, 'The Avengers' Breaks Weekend Box Office Record

The super hero movie had a bigger opening weekend than the final Harry Potter film, which grossed $169.2 million.

Prince Harry Visits The District

A member of the British royal family visits Washington today to accept an award and visit with wounded soldiers.

Even A Small Slowdown In Obesity's Rise Would Save Big Money

Trimming the rise in obesity in the U.S. by just 1 percent over the next two decades would reduce health care costs by by $85 billion. The fight isn't likely to be cheap. But new researchers shows that even a small dent in obesity rates could pay off.

Economic Picture Improves For Blacks In Virginia, Report Finds

The earnings gap between blacks and whites in Virginia persists, although it's improving, according to a new study.

Priest Dies After Maryland Church Shooting

A priest from Maryland has died after a shooting at her Howard County church late last week.

VIDEO: Biden On Being Comfortable With Same-Sex Marriage

What matters is "who do you love?" And, whether you'll be loyal to that person, not the genders of those involved, the vice president says.

Virginia Man Arrested For Alleged Obama Death Threats

A man who allegedly threatened to kill the presidents is in custody in Virginia today.

What Killed Soldier In Afghanistan Who Died While Skyping With His Wife?

Army Capt. Bruce Kevin Clark suddenly fell forward, his wife says. She saw it happen because they were video chatting. But much mystery remains. She says she saw a bullet hole. The military says he had no injuries.

D.C.'s Affordable Housing Options Decrease

The number of affordable rental units in the city decreased by half over the past decade, according to the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute's new report.

'Strategic Release' Program Has Set Free Some Afghan Insurgents

In a bid to tamp down violence, the U.S. has been keeping diplomatic channels to the Taliban open in part by releasing some of its fighters if they pledge to put down their arms.

'Seismic Shift' In Europe After French And Greek Elections

The election of Socialist Francois Hollande in France and the rejection of austerity policies in Greece raise serious questions about the future of the euro and the fate of the continent's economic union.

Art Beat With Sean Rameswaram, May 7

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