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Virginia Passes Bill For Convenient Chemo Treatment

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The Virginia House and Senate overwhelmingly passed similar measures that make it possible for cancer patients to undergo more convenient chemotherapy treatments.

The development of anti-cancer treatments has resulted in the creation of chemotherapy drugs with an oral application. These drugs are often the most preferred method of care compared to taking the medication intravenously. And as healthcare providers phase out the use of intravenous drugs, the oral dose is sometimes the only available option.

But according to Sen. Jill Vogel (R-Va.), some insurance providers will only pay for the intravenous treatment, putting patients in a difficult position.

"Unless you're independently, wealthy you have two options -- either die, or try to go to another state," says Vogel. "And that's just not practical."

Her bill, which is now on Gov. Bob McDonnell's desk, makes insurance policies consistent so that both forms of chemotherapy treatments have the same criteria.


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