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Loudoun County Getting Cold Feet About Silver Line

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There is uncertainty about how much of the estimated $2.8 billion cost of the Silver Line falls on Loudoun County.
Fairfax County
There is uncertainty about how much of the estimated $2.8 billion cost of the Silver Line falls on Loudoun County.

As work continues on the first phase of the Dulles Rail Metro project, some lawmakers in Loudoun County are reportedly considering dropping out of the second phase of the Silver Line project.

Members of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, have publically expressed concern over the future operating costs of the 23-mile commuter rail. Loudoun is slated to split some the $2.8 billion construction cost of the line with Fairfax County, but figures for the ongoing operating costs and Loudoun's share of that bill are unclear.

That makes County supervisor Eugene Delgardio a little uncomfortable.

"Signing off on $30 to $40 million on capital improvements and another $10 to $20 million in average for operating costs over an indefinite period without knowing, or having any influence over anything causes the average citizen a headache," says Delgardio.

Both Fairfax and Loudoun counties have asked for accurate operating cost projections from Metro before signing off on the second phase of the project.

Loudoun county chair Scott York says right now, all options are still in play: "I'm not going to speculate on what the chance are that Loudoun will stay in opt out."

A final vote is expected by spring.


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