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Baby Jesus Stolen From Fredericksburg Nativity Scene

Despite being filled with 80 pounds of concrete, the Baby Jesus was still stolen from a Fredericksburg, Va. nativity scene.
Fredericksburg Police
Despite being filled with 80 pounds of concrete, the Baby Jesus was still stolen from a Fredericksburg, Va. nativity scene.

Police in Federicksburg, Va. have turned to the web for help finding a figure of the child Jesus Christ that was a stolen from a Nativity scene at the Central Parking shopping center in Fredericksburg. According to a report, sometime during the overnight hours of December 13-14, an unknown person stole the figure of the Christ child from the Nativity scene at Central Park shopping center. 

A similar theft occurred from the same scene in 2005, but on that occasion the figure was returned unharmed within hours of the theft being reported.
The figure is made up of a single configuration of manger and child, approximately 18 inches by 12 inches.  Rappaport Companies, the management firm responsible for the shopping center, attempted to secure the figure from theft by filing it with roughly 80 pounds of concrete, but, say police, "apparently the thieves were determined."
It is hoped that the larceny was merely a prank and that the offenders choose to return the Baby Jesus to the public display.


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