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Gray Cleared: No 'Direct Evidence' Backing Quid Pro Quo Claims

House committee finds evidence circumstantial

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Mayor Vincent Gray was cleared by a House committee Monday of the charges that he paid Sulaimon Brown to take shots at former mayor Adrian Fenty.
Mayor Vincent Gray was cleared by a House committee Monday of the charges that he paid Sulaimon Brown to take shots at former mayor Adrian Fenty.

A congressional committee concludes there is no “direct evidence” that former mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown was promised a job by Mayor Vincent Gray and his campaign team for help during last year’s mayoral race.

Brown has accused the Gray campaign of promising him a job and cash payments to verbally attack then-mayor Adrian Fenty during last year’s campaign. On Thursday, he said he was given "talking points" by Gray.

Brown was hired briefly after the race but was fired less than a month later.   

The investigation by the House Oversight and Government Reform committee largely mirrors the findings of the D.C. Council’s own investigation: that there is some circumstantial evidence supporting Brown’s accusation, including text messages and cell phone records, but there are no independent facts to back up the charge. 

The investigation also finds that Brown appeared to receive money orders from people close to Howard Brooks -- a top Gray campaign consultant -- but Brooks refused to interview with congressional investigators , and no subpoenas were issued.

Finally, the report concludes that Sulaimon Brown has, in its words, "significant credibility problems, a history of erratic behavior and a poor grasp of facts."  The report says the facts of the case must be balanced against Brown’s lack of credibility.


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