News Archive - October 27, 2011

Sulaimon Brown Says Gray Gave Him Talking Points

Speaking with federal investigators Thursday, Sulaimon Brown said that now-Mayor Vincent Gray gave him talking points in the race against Adrian Fenty.

Lululemon Defense: Norwood 'Lost It'

A jury heard from both attorneys and a witness Wednesday in the opening day of the Lululemon murder trial, in which Brittany Norwood is accused of the premeditated killing of her coworker.

Scientists Underscore Drugs' Impact On Waterways

Drugs like anti-depressants and hormones from birth control are known to find their way into area waterways -- so don't flush those pills, turn them in.

Md. Lobbyist Sentenced To 20 Months

Former Abramoff lobbyist Kevin Ring was sentenced by a jury to almost two years in jail on Wednesday for attempting to bribe employees of Congressmen and people in the Justice Department.

Police Raid Two D.C. Head Shops

Six employees and one customer were arrested in police raids Wednesday at two Capitol Hemp locations.

Richmond Tea Party Wants $10,000 Refund

The Richmond Tea Party is demanding $10,000 from the city for charges they say they shouldn't have had to pay.

Funding Needed For PG County Domestic Violence Center

The Domestic Violence Center in Prince George's County has been helping victims for a year, but some are concerned that budget problems in Maryland could affect their operation.

Prosecution Witnesses Heard In Lululemon Trial

The court saw evidence and heard its first full day of testimony in the trial of Brittany Norwood, who is accused of murdering her coworker at a Bethesda Lululemon yoga shop in March.

Fairfax County Looking For Bilingual Election Monitors

Fairfax County is on the lookout for bilingual election officers for the November 8 election.

Report: Fukushima Released More Radioactive Material Than Was Estimated

The unpublished study claims that the amount of radioactive material released into the atmosphere could be double what the Japanese government estimates. Scientists cautioned, however, that emissions measurements are imprecise.

Crop Insurance: A Pricey 'Safety Net' For Farmers

Crop insurance has become a critical safety net for farmers subject to fickle weather that can ruin crops. And though politicians are looking to make some big cuts to farm programs in the upcoming 2012 farm bill, farmers are clinging fiercely to crop insurance.

Saudi King Names 78-Year-Old Nayef Bin Abdulaziz As His Successor

The choice reveals that the royal family is aging and not in a hurry to hand over power to a new generation.

Tax Proposed On D.C. Movie Theater Concessions


Mayor Vincent Gray has proposed a 5 percent sales tax on movie theater concessions to fund an Anacostia movie theater and provide incentives to filmmakers.

Free Reflective Vests For Maryland Trick-Or-Treaters

The Maryland highway administration is loaning out its workers' reflective vests for trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

Markets Rally After Europe Cements Debt Deal

The U.S. markets ventured into positive territory for the year.

Salmonella Outbreak Prompts Pine Nut Recall

pine nuts

The CDC recorded 42 instances of salmonella infections across six states, prompting a recall of Turkish pine nuts sold in Wegmans stores.

Nintendo Predicts Its First Annual Loss In 30 Years

A strong Yen and disappointing sales of its 3DS system will lead to the company's first yearly loss.

Consumers Hesitant Even As Economy Grows

Consumer confidence is at its lowest level since the height of the recession, even though several recent figures offer a modicum of hope. The numerous hits to the economy have caused consumers to basically shut down, one economist says.

D.C. Region Proving More Attractive To Young Adults

A young demographic is flocking to the D.C. area more and more, according to Census data released this week.

NASA Makes Final Preparations For Huge Asteroid Flyby

NASA says the asteroid will come within 200,000 miles from Earth and zip by at 30,600 mph. 2005 YU55 will be visible from Earth using a small telescope.

Pro-Gun Group Plans Demonstration At Virginia Tech

The university was the site of one of the worst school shootings in U.S. history. The group said it was holding the rally in effort to "save lives" by opposing a concealed weapons ban on campuses.

Will Rick Perry Skip Future GOP Debates?

A spokesman for Texas Gov. Rick Perry raised the idea that he might not compete in all of the upcoming Republican face-offs. Weak debate performances have put a dent in his polling — and his fundraising.

A Tweak To Health Law Would Eliminate Medicaid For Some

Medicaid, the health program funded jointly by the feds and the states, was devised to cover the poor. But if a provision in last year's federal health law isn't changed, even people with pretty healthy incomes could qualify for Medicaid.

A Weakening Hurricane Rina Stumbles Toward Mexico

13,000 tourist have fled Cancun and Mexican authorities have ordered evacuations ahead of the Category 1 storm, which is expected to make landfall early Friday morning.

Super Committee Making Progress

After a few public hearings, Rep. Chris Van Hollen says the super committee needs to focus on moving the economy, but despite that, the panel is making progress.

The Arab Uprisings: Now Comes The Hard Part

The Arab uprisings brought down dictators. But it's a long, tough road to build democratic states and strong economies that can sustain restless populations.

Arrests Made In Alleged $1 Billion Disability Scheme On Long Island

Investigators allege that doctors, union officials and employees of the Long Island Rail Road falsified disability claims for more than a decade.

Search For Missing Autistic Boy Unsuccessful

A huge effort to search for a missing autistic boy from Virginia turned up nothing yesterday, and one volunteer that joined in the search says that both the terrain, and the emotional aspect of the disappearance, have made the search difficult.

U.N. Votes To Lift Libya No-Fly Zone On Oct. 31

The U.N. Security Council decided that there was no need for U.N.-authorized military action following the death of Gadhafi on Oct. 20 and the transitional government's announcement of the country's liberation on Oct. 23.

Some Of DCPS' Top Performing Teachers End Up Unemployed

Hundreds of teachers were let go from DCPS this year, but the evaluation system was supposed to terminate ineffective teachers, and keep the good ones. But some teachers with high ratings are still finding themselves unemployed. 

Ohio Officials Say Wild Animals Will Not Be Given To Owner's Widow

Marian Thompson had demanded that the Columbus Zoo return the three leopards, two macaques and a young grizzly bear that survived the tragedy at her husband's farm. State officials, though, have ordered that they be quarantined at the zoo.

Snuffing Out Snakehead By Putting It On The Plate

The snakehead fish is invasive, destructive, and, some say, delicious. Maryland chefs, fishermen, and conservationists hope that by putting it on menus, they can eliminate it from regional waterways.

Suddenly, The 'Ladies Love Libyan Rebels'

Young Libyan men who less than a year ago were "hopeless layabouts" are now "marriageable heroes" because they took up arms against the regime of Moammar Gadhafi, according to Foreign Policy magazine.

High-Tech Shoes Aim To Stop Wandering Alzheimer's Patients

GPS can help you navigate a new city, train for a marathon, or keep tabs on your kids. Now, some nifty footwear aims to bring peace of mind to the families of Alzheimers' patients.

Real-Life 'Slumdog Millionaire': Poor Clerk Wins $1M On Indian Game Show

Just like in the movie, Sushil Kumar can now escape poverty thanks to his quiz show prowess. He's the first person to win $1 million on an Indian TV game show.

Top Stories: Debt Deal In Europe, Banks Swindled In Iran

Leaders reached agreement to at least temporarily steady things in Europe. So far, markets are reacting well.

Cities Aim To Control 'Occupy' Protests, But Oakland Clashes Loom Large

Cities are beginning to try to control the Occupy protests. This week's violence in Oakland is something they hope to avoid.

Economy Grew At 2.5 Percent Rate In Third Quarter

While modest, the 2.5 percent pace is the best growth since third-quarter 2010. And the news eases recession fears.

'Horrific' Situation Led Bernard And Ruth Madoff To Try Suicide, She Says

The Ponzi schemer's wife says they tried to take their lives on Christmas Eve, 2008. She's glad she survived after taking a handful of pills. "I'm not sure how I felt about him waking up," she tells The New York Times.

European Debt Deal: Markets Rally Because It Could Have Been Worse

The consensus is that the agreement buys some time, but doesn't solve the continent's underlying economic problems. Still, failure to make progress could have been disastrous.