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CQ Roll Call: Obama's New Economic Initiatives Could Frustrate Congress, Republicans Have Edge On Redistricting

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David Hawkings, editor of the CQ Roll Daily Briefing, gives an analysis on President Obama's three-day tour to promote his jobs plan and the state of national redistricting.

Congressional Frustrations Could Grow With New Economic Initiatives

President Obama is heading on a three-day western tour to pitch his jobs bill and to do some fundraising. He'll also begin announcing a series of initiatives to address the economy that would not require Congressional cooperation, according to Reuters.

Hawkings says the initiatives will likely draw frustrations from both Republicans and Democrats; the Republicans because they don't like the President acting unilaterally, and the Democrats, because they don't like their prerogatives taken away. He also says there's a lingering frustration that Obama seems to be disrespecting Congress. But despite the frustrations, Hawkings says it won't stop Congress from reaching an agreement on other items.

Republicans have slight edge on national redistricting

Some suggest the Congressional redistricting passed last week in Maryland targets Republican Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, and may allow Democrats to pick up an extra seat in Maryland. This situation has been going on nationally, and Hawkings says in terms of national redistricting, Republicans have a slight edge over Democrats.


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