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Feedback Wanted For Countywide Bus System

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Montgomery County planning developers are seeking public feedback on a new countywide bus system.
Andrew Bossi:
Montgomery County planning developers are seeking public feedback on a new countywide bus system.

Planning developers in Montgomery County are asking residents to address their thoughts on a countywide bus system, which is still in the early phases of planning.

Residents are encouraged to attend the planning board's headquarters in Silver Spring Monday night, to give their thoughts on the system and whether or not they would use it.

Rapid busses would run along 150 miles of county roads, including some of the busiest stretches of Rockville Pike, Columbia Pike, and Georgia Avenue. The busses would have dedicated lanes so they could avoid regular vehicle traffic and allow riders to board them faster. Supporters claim the system would ease congestion at a cost far lower than light rail systems, such as the proposed Purple Line and Corridor Cities Transitway.


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