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Spitball Suspension Reaches Virginia Supreme Court

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Some say it was just a prank, but now, a case involving spit-wads has reached the Virginia Supreme Court, according to the Associated Press.

Fourteen-year-old Andrewn Mikel was suspended from Spotsylvania High after school officials say he shot small, hollow plastic pellets at other students during lunch. The district says Mikel was in possession of a "weapon" and engaged in "violent criminal conduct."

He was suspended in December 2010 for the rest of the school year.

An attorney for a Charlottesville constitutional rights group asked the Virginia Supreme Court to reverse the suspension during oral arguments Tuesday. The Rutherford Institute contends that school officials violated the boy's due process rights. They also say Mikel didn't intend to hurt anyone and the pellets don't meet the school code's definition of weapons.


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