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CQ Roll Call: Obama Unveils Deficit Reduction Proposal, Congress Annoyed With DNC Ads

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President Obama will unveil his deficit reduction proposal today and call for higher taxes for the wealthy. David Hawkings, editor of the CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing, gives an analysis of the proposal, along with Congress' reaction to Democratic National Convention ads proposing his jobs plan.

Too early to determine success of Obama's deficit reduction proposal

The 12-member super committee has until Thanksgiving to come up with $1.2 trillion at a minimum in deficit reduction in order to forestall across the board cuts. According to Hawkings, it's too early to determine the super committee's success in meeting the goal under Obama's deficit reduction proposal.

"Now, $1.2 trillion is an enormous number," says Hawkings. "But it's not nearly as much as the $3 trillion that there going to talk about in a couple of hours. I think what the President wants and Republicans want is if there is going to be a jobs proposal, which is going to cost a half a trillion, they want to be able to offset the cost of that. And that will involve taking on some of the entitlement curves - Medicare and Medicaid savings."

Congress annoyed with DNC ads proposing Obama's jobs plan

Democratic National Convention ads proposing Obama's jobs plan is playing in swing states, such as North Caroline and Ohio, as well as Washington, D.C.

There are two reasons the ad is running in the D.C. region, says Hawkings. One is that Northern Virginia, where these ads are playing, is a swing state, and how well Democrats will do in Virginia is dependent upon how well they do in Northern Virginia.

"I think the more important reason is the Democratic National Committee wants to play that ad here in town is so the opinion makers here in Washington - inside the Beltway - can see it. Both opinion makers on the Democratic side and the Republican side want the Democratic base, they want leaders of labor organizations, lobbying groups that care about this stuff, to hear that this is the President's pitch - to hear that he is making a straightforward, snappy pitch for his bill, and they want the Republicans to hear it too to know that it's something he's going to fight for."

Hawkings says it's common for national political ads, such as Obama's, to make a partial run in Washington. But he says he thinks members of Congress in both parties are a little annoyed.

"I think Republicans certainly feel a little bit disrespected by the President, but so do some Democrats. They feel a little bit taken advantaged of. They feel the President, despite having been a Senator for a couple of years, doesn't really take Congress all that seriously."


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