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Abortion Opponents Want Doctor Out

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A Maryland organization is leading the effort to stop a local physician from continuing to perform late-term abortions at a Germantown clinic.
Elliott Francis
A Maryland organization is leading the effort to stop a local physician from continuing to perform late-term abortions at a Germantown clinic.

The Maryland Coalition for Life is leading the effort to stop the work of Dr. Leroy Carhart, a physician who performs late-term abortions at the Reproductive Health Services clinic in Germantown.

Last week, the coalition published on their website, the name, address, email and phone number of the owner of the building where the clinic operates.

Michael Martelli, executive director of MCL, says they're asking supporters to contact that landlord and urge him to end his lease with the clinic.

"He's making money from the slaughter of children, so as far as I'm concerned there's no backing down here on our side from the letter writing and letting people know who's involved in this death business," says Martelli.

That same week, members of a separate but similar organization picketed outside the middle school where the landlord's child is a student. Although the protest was not organized or supported by MCL, some demonstrators carried signs displaying that webpage.

The landlord, who we will not identify to guard his family's privacy, says he's pushing back.

"I got a group of people who said would you like us to call and email them back to say please stay away from our schools," he says. "So what I'm discovering it that when you fight back, the people who were acting with impunity, under the cloak of anonymity, no longer want to play."

The landlord says there are no plans to end the lease.


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