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WAMU Radio Programming Schedule for Sept. 11

A man walks through the Healing Field flag display near the Pentagon Memorial prior to the dedication ceremony Sept. 11.
Photo by Lance Cpl. Bryan Carfrey.
A man walks through the Healing Field flag display near the Pentagon Memorial prior to the dedication ceremony Sept. 11.

WAMU 88.5 will recognize the 10th anniversary of 9/11 with a full day of special programming. No underwriting or membership messages will run. Our local reporters will provide updates on regional activities, and many breaks will be devoted to news updates.

6 a.m.  A Shortcut Back To 9/11: With sounds from the street, eyewitnesses and news reports, this program features actualities from that morning mixed with music. Remix also contains 2001 year-end commentary from various eyewitnesses who wondered about the future.

6:30 a.mCouscous And Cultural Diplomacy: What's it like to be the only Muslim in the only US town named after an Arab Muslim. Elkader, Iowa was named after an Algerian jihadist in the 19th century. After September 11th, some wanted to change the town's name. At the same time an openly gay Algerian man and his partner decided to start an Algerian-American restaurant on Elkader's Main Street. The story charts their adventures with cultural adaptation, American identity, and small town politics.

7 a.m.  Being: Host Krista Tippet will explore a variety of spiritual healing issues that arise following a national tragedy.

8 a.m.-to-12 p.mWeekend Edition Sunday (extended): The day's events - from Ground Zero to the Pentagon with correspondents deployed across America and around the world.  Host Audie Cornish will be joined by NPR military, national security and political correspondents. The reading of the names of victims live from New York. NPR National Security Correspondent Tom Gjelten will revisit where he was when American Airlines flight 77 slammed into the Pentagon. Host Renee Montagne will be reporting from Afghanistan.

12 p.m. Sound Print: Were Were On Duty: On 9/11, 184 people died at the Pentagon while hundreds more crawled through choking smoke and over burning wreckage to safety. But because the Pentagon attack was dwarfed by the tragedy at the World Trade Center, America has yet to hear the stories of the valiance and tenaciousness of the Pentagon employees; about the horrendous physical and psychic toll the attack has taken on them and their families -- and about how they have overcome and are moving on. This hour-long program tells these devestating stories in the voices of the people who lived them without narration.

1 p.m.  Voices from Afghanistan: The program offers snapshots of life in Afghanistan today and looks forward to the possibilities of tomorrow.

2 p.m. Joined By War - Afghanistan 10 Years Later:  A discussion about the personal costs of war and life in Afghanistan as the Taliban insurgency continues amidst U.S. troop withdrawal. To mark the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and to honor the sacrifices made by both Afghans and Americans, America Abroad Media, WAMU 88.5 FM, and Radio Killid Afghanistan bring together audiences in Washington and Kabul - including members of US military families - for a candid conversation.

3 p.m.  The Kojo Nnamdi Show: The look of Washington has been transformed in the past 10 years. Today, jersey barriers, concrete bollards, metal detectors and armed guards are the norm at government buildings. Importantly, security needs influence (and often dictate) design elements, functions and architectural aesthetics in ways you might never notice. Kojo hosts a conversation about how the legacy of 9/11 is shaping old and new buildings throughout our region. Guests include: Robert A. Peck, Commissioner of Public Buildings, U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and Roger Lewis, Architect; Columnist, "Shaping the City," Washington Post; and Professor Emeritus of Architecture, University of Maryland College Park.

4 p.m. Interfaith Voices: A compassionate conversation about strengthening relationships between Christians and Muslims (topic subject to change).

5 p.m. All Things Considered

6 p.m. We Remember: StoryCorps Stories From 9/11: Hosted by NPR's Audie Cornish, in partnership with StoryCorps and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, We Remember takes an intimate look at lives forever changed by the attacks on 9/11. These are stories from families and friends who tell us about their loved ones and their loss: the father who recalls the last words he shared with his son, the recovery worker who discovers a new meaning for normal, the fireman's daughter who knew that her dad who perished in the line of duty wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

7 p.m.  Big Broadcast

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