News Archive - August 25, 2011

Can Apple Fly As High Without Steve Jobs?

Experts say it's hard to pinpoint what lies ahead for Apple, now that its visionary chief has left the helm. The company's history proves it's not as successful without Steve Jobs, but it's better positioned this time around.

Iranian Exile Group Lobbies To Get Off Terrorist List

Supporters of the Mujahedeen-e Khalq see it as a potentially useful group in countering Iran. Others see it as a dangerous cult, saying support for the MEK could undercut peaceful democracy activists in Iran.

'A Stone Of Hope' Arrives On The National Mall

The memorial to Martin Luther King, Jr. is the first to immortalize a non-president and African-American on the National Mall. NPR's Corey Dade reports on the dedication of the new memorial, the story of its creation and what visitors can expect.

Black Candidate Wins Gubernatorial Primary In Miss.

Johnny DuPree made history Tuesday by winning the Democratic primary runoff for governor in Mississippi, where an African-American hasn't been elected for statewide office since Reconstruction. Host Michel Martin and DuPree discusses the primary win and upcoming general election.

Alabama Immigration Law Faces Challenge In Court

Ala.'s controversial immigration law is set to take effect starting September. The U.S. Justice Department, civil rights groups and a coalition of religious leaders are challenging the law in court. Ala. state Rep. Mac Buttram voted for the law. Birmingham pastor R.G. Lyons penned a letter opposing the law, which 150 ministers signed. Both speak with Michel Martin.

Better You Than Me: Scientists Sicken Mosquitoes To Stop Dengue

Scientists infected hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes with a mild strain of a bacterium. They believe that once mosquitoes are sick from the infection, they can't spread the dengue virus to humans.

New U.S. Deportation Policy Spares Some

The goal now is to prosecute more people convicted of crimes and to ease off those like Ileana Salinas, a 22-year-old college student. But the newly announced plan has critics both among those who want immigration reform and those who see it as an amnesty.

Mosquito Research Feels Bite Of Budget Cuts

State laboratories around the country are testing mosquitoes to warn people about the presence of West Nile virus, but funding cuts at the federal and state levels are threatening some of those labs.

Libyan Rebels Ask Oil Workers To Return To Brega

Now that the regime of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi is crumbling, residents of some cities outside the capital are returning to their homes. Brega, site of an important oil installation, is one such city. It changed hands several times during the conflict but it is firmly in rebel hands, and its residents are trying to re-establish their lives.

Grizzlies Test Products To Keep Out The Average Bear

A park in Montana enlists animals that have had close contact with humans to help prevent other bears from getting hooked on human food. For 60 minutes, a bear will poke, prod and smash supposedly bear-resistant coolers, trash cans and more — and if they can't get in, the products pass the test.

Gadhafi Still Eludes Libyan Rebels Search

Rebel forces continue to battle pockets of resistance from pro-Gadhafi forces in the Libyan capital Tripoli. Meanwhile, a bounty has been placed on the head of the Libyan leader.

Puerto Rican Governor Faces Opposition To Pipeline

Gov. Luis Fortuno wants to build a 92-mile natural gas pipeline to help bring down energy costs. But more than two-thirds of the island's residents oppose its construction, and a majority don't believe it will lower their bills. The project has also drawn criticism in Congress.

Turkey Steps Up Role As Regional Broker

Representatives of countries aiding Libya's rebel government are meeting in Turkey Thursday. Turkey has tried to position itself as both role model and mediator not only with Libya, but with Syria as well. Robert Malley of the International Crisis Group talks to David Greene about Turkey, and the role it is playing as a regional broker.