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Police Uncover Large Insurance Policy In Robyn Gardner Case

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Robyn Gardner was last seen a week ago in the same resort area of Aruba where Natalie Hollaway vanished six years ago.
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Robyn Gardner was last seen a week ago in the same resort area of Aruba where Natalie Hollaway vanished six years ago.

Aruban authorities say they're planning an extensive search, using military forces if necessary, for a woman from Frederick, Md. who was reported missing August 2.

The reinvigorated search for Robyn Gardner, who traveled to Aruba with Gary Giordano from Gaithersburg, Md. July 31, comes after investigators confirmed to ABC News that Giordano previously took out a $1.5 million accidental death insurance policy on Gardner that named him as the sole beneficiary.

Authorities are trying to put together a substantial team to search for the 35-year-old Gardner, Aruba's solicitor general Taco Stein tells the Associated Press.

Gardner was reported missing by her traveling companion Gary Giordano -- a 50-year-old business owner from Gaithersburg. Police and firefighters have already searched an abandoned phosphate mine near where Giordano said she went missing.

Stein says the new search will involve more people -- including police, firefighters and possibly the military. They plan to cover a larger area in the hunt for any evidence linked to Gardner.

Giordano has been detained on suspicion of involvement in her death, though his attorney has said he had nothing to do with her disappearance.

On Monday, the judge in the case ordered Giordano to be held for an additional 16 days during the search. At the end of the 16 days, Stein has the option to request another 60 days detainment for the woman's travel companion.


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