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DCPS Chancellor Says 'Hopes And Dreams' Campaign Will Bring Community Together

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DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson says the "Hopes and Dreams" campaign, where residents are asked what DCPS should look like, is coming to an end.
Jennifer D. Cogswell (http://www.flickr.com/photos/cityyear/5735107577/)
DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson says the "Hopes and Dreams" campaign, where residents are asked what DCPS should look like, is coming to an end.

Safe schools, better technology, more library books are a few of the responses residents have texted, emailed or written in since the campaign began says Chancellor Kaya Henderson.

She says the information will be used to put together a new strategic plan for the District. DCPS is trying to include as many people as possible after a 2008 plan under former Chancellor Michelle Rhee was criticized for having very little public input.

Henderson says the campaign was started to show residents, whichever ward they lived in, that there were more similarities than differences.

"There are challenges around people who have remained in public education and people who are coming back to public education and how those two groups get together," says Henderson. "And in some of those more difficult conversations this campaign has helped them to see they actually might have different ways of getting to the end result but everyone wants the same end result."

DCPS has gathered far fewer responses than expected, approximately 10,000. They were hoping for twice that number.


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