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Washington Humane Society Looks Out For Animals During Heat Wave

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During the summer, the Washington Humane Society gets about 150 calls per month for animals.
Jessica Gould
During the summer, the Washington Humane Society gets about 150 calls per month for animals.

"The main thing that we're seeing is dogs that have been left outside," she says. "I just don't know if they're going to be able to make it through the day."

Gardner is an enforcement officer with the Washington Humane Society. When it's really hot, the society gets about 150 calls per month for animals in need. And as Gardner makes her rounds, she quickly spots a kitten, curled into a corner of a steamy backyard in Northeast, D.C.

"Right now, I'm looking at a kitten," she says. "We received a call that the kitten has been out here all week. I see that it does have some water out here, but I don't see any food. There are some chicken bones, but that's not nutritious for kittens."

Gardner knocks on the front door but no one answers. So she leaves a note and says sh''ll follow up about animal care.

"All animals should be left inside on days like today," she says.

But as she turns to leave, the kitten crawls under the fence to freedom.

"So at this point, we're going to take him to the lost and found shelter. And if the owner wants to reclaim him, they can do it there. Then we'll follow up about why the cat was being left outside," she says.

Then Gardner's off to check on her next client – a dog who’s been using his water bowl as a swimming pool.


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