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Roger Clemens Trial: Judge Declares Mistrial

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A judge declared a mistrial in the perjury trial of former Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens on July 14.
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A judge declared a mistrial in the perjury trial of former Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens on July 14.

Clemens is on trial for perjury in relation to his 2008 testimony before Congress in which he said he never used performance enhancing drugs. The prosecution is claiming that was a lie.

U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton scolded prosecutors this morning for twice violating his orders not to reveal certain evidence to the jury that could put the whole case at risk.

The judge reportedly interrupted the prosecution's playing of a video of Clemens' 2008 testimony before a House of Representatives committee and ordered the jury removed from the courtroom, saying he couldn't "un-ring that bell."

Walton is expected to rule on a motion on whether another trial would constitute double jeopardy later this summer. The prosecution has until July 29 to file that motion, reports.


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