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Delaware Hopes To Ease Holiday Bottleneck With New EZPass Lanes

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Transportation officials expect traffic to be lighter this weekend around the area, and Delaware is hoping to ease traffic on I-95 with new toll lanes.
Transportation officials expect traffic to be lighter this weekend around the area, and Delaware is hoping to ease traffic on I-95 with new toll lanes.

The Delaware toll plaza on Interstate 95, which is notorious for causing traffic jams, will open two new speed EZPass toll lanes today, which authorities hope will ease congestion there.

In Maryland, authorities have issued the usual holiday weekend travel warnings, recommending that the best times to try to cross the Bay Bridge are early in the morning or late in the evening throughout the weekend.

Traveler Robert Camacho say he's headed to the beach, but not without a little pain at the pump.

"I mean, it's still high, but we're still going to go.  We don't normally get a long weekend like this very often, so we take advantage. But you certainly factor it in when making a budget," he says.

Gas prices are almost $1 higher this year than they were last year. The Automobile Association of American for the Mid-Atlantic region says that fact alone should somewhat reduce traffic this year across the region. Traveler Ryan Lee says gas prices are a good reason to stay close to home.

"I feel it's a little ridiculous.  I tend to not to travel far on holidays, and if I do have to travel I try to go earlier or later," Lee says.

According to the AAA, the amount of traffic on the roads should not be as bad as it was on July 4 weekend last year.

Air traffic is expected to increase, however. In Virginia, AAA expects to see a 21.5 percent increase in air travel over this time last year. The organization attributes much of that shift to higher gas prices keeping people off the road and making air travel in many cases is not that much more expensive.


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