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Source Festival features theater long and short, plus talent shows and artistic blind dates.
Cultural Development Corporation, http://www.flickr.com/photos/37052358@N06/
Source Festival features theater long and short, plus talent shows and artistic blind dates.

(June 29-July 3) Straight to the Source

Summer always brings a number of theater festivals to the District. Source Festival features short and full-length plays along with talent shows and artistic blind dates that integrate disciplines through Sunday. "Lovers & Friends" tackles the complexities of building meaningful relationships in just 10 minutes Wednesday and a congressman entices a friend to dress up as a superhero to save a public housing complex Thursday in "The Making of a Modern Folk Hero". All of the events take place at Source on 14th Street in Northwest Washington.

(June 29-July 15) 'The Places We Have Known'

Three artists revisit familiar locations through photography in "The Places We Have Known". Each explores how we experience spaces and how photography can influence our memories. Layered exposures, fixed Polaroids and collages are on display through mid-July at the Stamp Gallery in College Park.

Music: "The City" by The Dismemberment Plan


100 Years Ago, 'New Republic' Helped Define Modern Liberalism

Robert Siegel speaks with The New Republic editor Franklin Foer about the new book Insurrections of the Mind, a collection of seminal essays from the magazine's first 100 years.

Edible Packaging? Retailers Not Quite Ready To Ditch The Wrapper

To reduce waste, some enterprising companies are trying to roll out products that make the package part of the snack — edible packaging. But selling it to the retail market is trickier than it seems.
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Senator's Legislation Would Strip NFL Of Nonprofit Status

The Redskins' refusal to change its name has prompted the legislation from U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA).

The Kaypro II: An Early Computer With A Writer's Heart

Commentator Andrei Codrescu remembers the first word processor he had — the Kaypro II in the 1980s. Its inventor, Andrew Kay, died Aug. 28, at the age of 95.

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