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Moran: Congress Could Support Transit Through Tax Policy

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Arlington County services like the ART Bush could serve as a model for other parts of the county, says Congressman Jim Moran.
Arlington County services like the ART Bush could serve as a model for other parts of the county, says Congressman Jim Moran.

In the D.C region, some people have the option to bypass the pump by taking the Metro, but many don't. People are crying out for more public transit friendly living, says Moran -- the kind you can already find in Arlington County, in Moran's district. He wants communities across the U.S. to look to Arlington County in his district as an example of how to save people money.

"At the local level people understand this is a healthier, less expensive, more rational way in which to conduct their daily lives and put together communities," says Moran.

Moran says there may be bi-partisan support for offering tax incentives to get developers to build condos and low income housing near public transit hubs.

Developers have already taken note that people are flocking to these hubs, says Moran, and he thinks Congress should help out.

"The real estate community is starting to get involved, we could start, in response to that, putting together tax policy that gave benefits to mortgage interests," he says. "We could do it through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, for housing units that were at public transit stations; that were accessible to public transit."

Congress is looking to slash federal spending and communities across the U.S. are still facing tight budgets, but Moran says if people demand more livable communities they'll be surprised how local leaders will respond.

"This is a movement that's going to have to come from the bottom up," he says.

Moran also says he wants to see auto insurance companies offer lower rates to people who bike more than they drive.


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