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Metro Employee Honored For Preventing Suicides

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Officials with the transit agency say Timothy Lee, a 27-year employee of Metro, has prevented two people from jumping on the tracks on Metro over the past year. He was honored this week for his efforts with a plaque.

Lee's most recent save came in April when he was working at Landover Station. There he saw a woman on a security camera sitting on the edge of a platform. He went up to talk to her and pulled her back from the edge just as a train pulled into the station.

Last summer Lee held on to a man attempting to jump until authorities were able to arrive.

Officials admit they do not have a specific policy regarding how employees should handle someone who appears suicidal. However, Metro does has a "training module" on how to observe platforms and recognize "suspicious conduct."

A Metro spokesperson says employees are encouraged to call authorities if they need assistance in a potentially hazardous situation.


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