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D.C. Residents Protest On Capitol Hill

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About 100 people protested on Emancipation Day outside of the Senate Hart Office Building on Capitol Hill.
Armando Trull
About 100 people protested on Emancipation Day outside of the Senate Hart Office Building on Capitol Hill.

Corryn Freeman of DC Vote helped organize Friday’s Emancipation Day protest outside the Senate Hart Office Building, which involved about a hundred people. The Howard University student says the breaking point was social riders on the latest budget deal that bans abortions in the District and sets up a controversial school voucher program.

"We're tired of being treaded on, we’re tired of being told what to do, we’re dictated to like residents in a third world country," says Freeman.

Seventeen-year-old Eugene Kinlow, was among the 41 people arrested during the first protest on Monday. He says lawmakers need a history lesson about taxation without representation.

"We need to have these rights because we fought for them in the Civil War and in the Revolutionary War," Kinlow says.

Comparing this week's protests to the democratic uprisings in the Middle East, DC Vote organizers are promising that they have yet begun to fight.


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