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One-Quarter Of Those Arrested On Metro Are Younger Than 20

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And Taborn says many of the 90 assaults on bus operators involved youth.

"Bus assaults ranged from operators being punched, hit by a thrown object or being spat upon," he says.

Taborn says 1,000 reported robberies involved stealing electronic devices, such as iPods and iPhones from passengers.

And he says another problem is students putting recordings of their fights online. He says that encourages others.

"That's a trend. That's a trend that you find with the young people and now with the people wanting to download and upload and put things out, that's what happens," he says.

Taborn says over the past five years, more students attend schools that aren't in their neighborhood, whether it's to attend charter schools or because their neighborhood school has closed down. And that increases the opportunities for students to meet others from rival schools and crews.

Twenty thousand students use the Metro system every day.

Recent crime statistics show the transit agency has hit a five-year high in the number of rapes, robberies and assaults.


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