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Implementation Of D.C. Medical Marijuana Law Starts Slowly

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The rules governing D.C.'s new medical marijuana law take effect this week. But there are still some unanswered questions about its implementation, and it will likely be months before patients can start receiving pot.

For budding medical marijuana entrepreneur Adam Eidinger, the law's slow roll-out has been troubling.

"If the mayor's office does not fulfill their obligation to appoint the medical marijuana board, all this is at a standstill," Eidinger says.

Eidinger is applying to run one of the city's 10 cultivation centers.

"This program is taking so long that we are going to grow vegetables instead of cannabis," he says.

Montgomery Blair Sibley is also hoping to run a cultivation center. The kilt-wearing attorney once represented the "D.C. Madam" in court, but his focus these days is on marijuana.

"Hopefully by Thanksgiving we will be putting our first products in the first dispensaries and the first patients will be enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner that going to taste a little different than prior ones in D.C," Sibley says.

Besides naming the board, the city must also in the coming months establish which patients and doctors are eligible to participate.


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