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Postal Employees, Law Enforcement Officials On Alert In D.C. Area

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The third incendiary device in the D.C. region in two days went off Friday. This time in a Washington, D.C., federal mail facility.

Just like in Maryland Thursday, a small, book-sized package shot out flame and smoke at a mail facility on the 3300 block of V Street in Northeast D.C. There were no injuries, and assistant postal inspector for Washington Pete Rendina said the workers were already on alert following Thursday's incidents.

"We did some stand-up talks with our postal employees, especially here in the capital metro area. Postal inspectors are out at various facilities, screening mail to ensure the mail is safe," he says.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier says law enforcement throughout the area is on alert as well.

"As of early [Thursday], there has been a multitude of protective measures that have been put in place throughout the national capital region. I think all of us in this region understand that incidents that occur in one jurisdiction are not necessarily tied to that one jurisdiction. So all those protective measures...put into place yesterday will continue I think throughout the national capital region until we determine exactly what we have here," she says.

Lanier declined to say exactly what security measures were being put in place.

The mail facility remained evacuated as of 6:30 p.m. and the packages are being transported to Quantico for analysis.


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