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Hoyer Seeks To Change Obama's Tax Compromise

Maryland Democrat and outgoing House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is pushing for changes to the tax deal worked out between President Obama and Republican leaders.

Hoyer and his House colleagues are letting the Senate move first on the extension of Bush-era tax cuts this week. But the majori...

Homeless Man Offers Tips On Holiday Giving

By Jessica Gould

As the season of giving gets underway, one advocate is offering tips on ways to truly make a difference in the lives of the homeless.

Eric Sheptock spends his days writing and speaking about issues that affect the homeless. He spends his nights at a Northwest D.C. she...

New Program Aims To Brighten Streets Of Baltimore

City leaders in Baltimore want to shine a light on crime with a new effort to trim trees and upgrade streetlights. City Councilmember Bill Henry is the man behind the so-called "mug-free zone" program.

Henry goes straight to scripture to pitch the new lighting program.

"There's a bibl...

Incarceration: Bridging Societal And Geographical Divides

Since Washington, D.C., doesn't have any federal prisons, locals found guilty of federal crimes are imprisoned hundreds of miles away from their families. WAMU's Rob Sachs takes a look at what's being done to bring family members closer together when a loved one is in prison -- and how families c...

Latest D.C. Local News

WASHINGTON (AP) President Barack Obama has just come out praising a test vote in the Senate supporting the compromise tax plan he negotiated with Republicans. Obama remarked in comments at the White House this afternoon that the vote shows both parties can work together.


School Funding Lies On The Md. Budget Chopping Block

This week, government agencies in Montgomery County will finish their budget proposals and send them to the county council, which makes the final call on what gets funded and what doesn't. County schools take up the largest share of the budget, and a state law requires the county to spend more on...

Students Produce Crafts With Conscience

By Jessica Gould

During the holiday season, some students are urging shoppers to buy gifts that benefit those in need.

As the temperatures plunge, 10-year-old Jayquan Holloway has been thinking about the homeless.

"I don't want people to be on the streets and have no food. I wan...

Judge Declares Health Care Law Unconstitutional

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A federal judge in Virginia has declared the Obama administration's new health care law unconstitutional. The ruling is a victory for the Commonwealth's attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli.

U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson is the firs...

Mayor-Elect, Business Leaders Discuss Employment In D.C.

D.C Mayor-elect Vince Gray is trying to work with top business leaders to address the District's unemployment rate. Gray gathered about 40 of them Monday to talk about how his administration can get more District residents working.

One of the topics of interest during the meeting was unempl...

Consider This With Fred Fiske: Understanding Tattoos

This week, Fred considers a fashion trend he finds quite curious.

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Latest Virginia Regional News

WASHINGTON (AP) The White House says a Virginia judge's ruling declaring a key provision of the federal health care law unconstitutional doesn't create uncertainty about the implementation of the law. U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson in Richmond has become the first judge to rule against the la...

Gray Looks To Create Greater Role For Faith Community

During the campaign for mayor, Mayor-elect Vince Gray strongly courted religious voters: On the final Sunday before the September primary, he traveled from church to church trying to win over voters. And now the mayor-elect is rewarding their support.

Speaking at the National Cathedral Sund...

Outgoing Congress Members Pack Up Before The Holidays

Members of Congress who lost this year are spending their time packing up their offices and archiving their careers here in Washington.

The question for many outgoing Democrats was what to do with decades of official congressional papers. It's a hectic process to say the least. South Caroli...

State Roundup: Monday, Dec. 13


STATE BUYOUTS Gov. Martin O'Malley's plan to entice workers to leave state government will do some modest good — but it is only a small step in achieving a 'new normal,' opines the Sun's editorial board.

WORKER BENEFITS A state employees benefits commission...

Virginia Wins Challenge To Health Care Law

A federal judge in Richmond has ruled that a significant part of the sweeping federal health care law is unconstitutional, handing a victory to Va. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, whose office brought the lawsuit challenging the law.

U.S. Eastern District Court Judge Henry Hudson rejected...

Alexandria To Unveil Waterfront Plan

Strolling along King Street toward the river, visitors to Alexandria are confronted with what planning director Farroll Hamer calls a dead end.

"What happens is -- and we've seen people do this many times -- they go a few feet into the King Street Park, and then they see that there's nothin...

Power Breakfast: Rematches After Redistricting

From Capitol News Connection:

Official Washington is a city of contradictions in more ways than one. Memories are long, but second chances are hardly unheard of. Many a fallen politician has risen again.

Outgoing Maryland Democrat Frank Kratovil is already contemplating a rematch with...

MoCo Works With Pepco To Prevent Serious Power Outages

The first heavy winter weather is expected to hit parts of the region Monday, and it's putting the spotlight on one local utility.

During the summer, when the weather was far from what it has been in recent days, Pepco had major problems with power outages. The outcry after week-long outage...

'Art Beat' with Sean Rameswaram


The Battle of the Bulge began 66 years ago this week. The Kennedy Center and Washington's Choral Arts pay tribute to the veterans of the costly conflict this evening with the help of The Royal Band of the Belgian Guides. The 103-member symph...

Latest Maryland Regional News

BALTIMORE (AP) The lawyer for a man accused of plotting to blow up a Maryland recruiting center says his client, Antonio Martinez, was a victim of government entrapment. Prosecutors counter, however, that Martinez came up with the bomb plot on his own.

LINTHICUM, Md. (AP) Officials at B...