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Fimian Concedes, Still Open To Revisiting Decision

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Connolly says the closeness of this year's election won't change the way he votes on controversial issues.
Jonathan Wilson
Connolly says the closeness of this year's election won't change the way he votes on controversial issues.

In Virginia's 11th Congressional District, a week after election day, Republican challenger Keith Fimian has conceded to Democratic incumbent Gerry Connolly. Connolly bested Fimian by less than 1,000 votes.

In a statement released around 12 p.m. today, Fimian says he will not pursue a recount and congratulates Connolly on his victory.

Fimian also holds open the possibility of revisiting his decision if state election administrators find greater discrepancies in the coming weeks.

Connolly said in his district office in Annandale, Va., earlier today that he sees his close victory as a sign of strength and not of weakness because he was able to hang on in an atmosphere so unfriendly to incumbents and Democrats.

"While trees were falling all over the woods, this one didn't. That means something," Connolly says.

He said he hadn't shied away from taking unpopular votes before and won't shy away from taking unpopular votes in the next two years.

The election two years from now will be completely different from this one, Connolly says, because in presidential elections, so many more people vote.


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