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O'Malley Sees Tough Times Ahead

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Democrats in Maryland had a good night at the polls, unlike their colleagues across the country.

On a stage full of Democratic lawmakers who won re-election, O'Malley thanked each of them for helping him do the same. But O'Malley was quick to add the difficult times the state faces won't be going away anytime soon. A massive budget shortfall awaits the governor next year. O'Malley says he knows it is on the mind of every state worker.

"I ran into a number of them around town today, and they said I don't like furloughs, but I like massive layoffs even worse," he says. "And I said I'm with you on that and we're going to get through this together and move forward together."

Mass layoffs of state workers were avoided last year through furloughs and the closing of the state government for extra days.


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