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Coons Win Marks End Of Highly Publicized Delaware Senate Race

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Christine O'Donnell ran as the Republican candidate in Delaware's Senate election.
Christine O'Donnell ran as the Republican candidate in Delaware's Senate election.

Democrat Chris Coons' strong victory over Tea Party-backed Republican Christine O'Donnell could be looked at as a small victory in an otherwise tough night for the Democratic party.

At Rehoboth Beach's Dogfish Head Brewery last night, all eyes were on the television in anticipation of the results of the race for U.S. Senate seat between Coons and O'Donnell.

Coons was proclaimed the winner just minutes after the polls closed at 8 p.m., and that was met by a noticeable and almost collective sigh of relief by many locals who had admittedly grown weary of all the media attention over the race for Vice President Joe Biden's vacated Senate seat. Andrew and Melissa Wetzel were here on their honeymoon but yet had their eyes fixated on the results.

"We're on vacation and we are still making sure that we are watching the news in the bar", said Wetzel. "There's been so much hoping she doesn't win, now that there was no chance from the beginning, it's like, oh well, glad that's over."

Just like the Wetzels, here in Rehoboth Beach, voters on both sides say they are just happy that the race is finally over.


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