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Chandra Levy's Father Testifies In Guandique Trial

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Testimony continues in the trial of Ingmar Guandique, the man accused of killing Chandra Levy in Rock Creek Park a decade ago.

The second day of the trial began like the first, with a woman testifying in great detail how a peaceful jog through Rock Creek Park turned into a violent struggle with Guandique.

Prosecutors are trying to establish a pattern of attacks by Guandique on young women in the park, near where Levy's body was discovered.

Later in the day, the focus turned to Levy: her disappearance, the initial investigation and her relationship with then-Congressman Gary Condit.

Levy's father, Dr. Ronald Levy, took the stand and testified about his frantic search to find his missing daughter and how "we thought Condit was the guilty one before we knew about this character," gesturing toward Guandique. That statement was quickly thrown out by the judge, who told jurors to disregard it.

Condit, meanwhile, may be called to testify.


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