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Bill Gates Donates High-Tech Center To United Way

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The new learning center features high-definition video conferencing, webcasting and webinars.
Michael Pope
The new learning center features high-definition video conferencing, webcasting and webinars.

Mumbai, India, is just a few clicks away from the sleek new center at the United Way's headquarters in Old Town Alexandria, Va. During a demonstration of the new Mary M. Gates Learning Center, leaders of United Way performed high-definition video conferences with India, San Francisco and South Africa.

"[We have] video conferencing, webcasting, webinars, all of the very high-tech, state-of-the-art technology that often companies have access to in the for-profit sector. But this will be really the first of its scale in the nonprofit sector," says Sal Fabens, United Way's communications director.

Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille welcomed the center as a valuable addition to the city.

"I think it's significant in that it helps to promote philanthropy and volunteerism and the commitment to giving," says Euille.

Gates named the facility for his mother, who was a longtime supporter of the United Way.


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