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Maryland Ban On Talking While Driving

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A new ban on using a cell phone while driving will go into effect later this week.
A new ban on using a cell phone while driving will go into effect later this week.

By Jessica Jordan

In Maryland, a new ban on using a cell phone while driving goes into effect later this week, but you'll have to violate another law to get caught.

The new law is described as a secondary offense. That means you can only get a ticket for driving while using a cell phone if you've already been pulled over for another violation.

Passed back in April, the ban allows drivers to use a hands-free device. The fine is $40 for a first offense, $100 for a second. Seven other states and the District have similar bans, but Maryland is the only state where driving while using a cell will be considered a secondary violation.

Currently Maryland also has a ban on texting while driving.

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