News Archive - September 27, 2010

Baltimore Launches “Healthy City” Campaign

By Cathy Duchamp

Today fitness advocates in Baltimore are promoting ‘Healthy City Days’. The idea is to get city residents to exercise more and eat better food.

The campaign follows a study that reveals Baltimore is one of the least healthy communities in Maryland.

A report by t...

Car-Free Commuting

Organizations around the area are encouraging commuters to find alternatives to driving. Some local residents already bike to work every day. Erissa Scalera reports.

Maryland Cell Phone Ban Set to Go Into Effect

By Elliott Francis

Maryland’s upcoming ban on driving while using a hand held cell phone allows the use of a hands-free listening device instead.

If you don’t have one and get caught, make sure you have it before going to court.

Some area stores report the stock of Bluetooth ear...

Alexandria School Welcomes Drug Dealers

By Michael Pope

These days, Tony Suggs teaches a class called "boxercize" at an Alexandria recreation center. But he looks back on his youth as time misspent. He had a promising boxing career, and he was on his way to the Olympics when drugs took all that away.

"I spent my best prime...

Latest Virginia Regional News

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) A federal judge in Norfolk has declared a mistral in the case of two former Blackwater workers accused of murdering two unarmed Afghan civilians and wounding a third man in Kabul. The judge set a new trial date for March 1.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) Virginia is holding its fourth...

Alexandria Lawmakers Hold Townhall on ABC Privatization

By Jonathan Wilson

In Alexandria, Virginia tonight, two state lawmakers are holding a town hall meeting about Governor Bob McDonnell's plan to privatize the state's liquor stores to raise money for transportation.

State Senator Toddy Puller and freshman State Delegate Scott Surovell h...

Power Breakfast For September 27, 2010

"Rare earth materials" are rapidly making the move from obscurity to headlines. Representatives Kathy Dahlkemper and Mike Coffman have been focused on them for a while.

Elizabeth Wynne Johnson reports... State Roundup, September 27, 2010

From the website:

ECONOMIC POLICIES Candidate and former Gov. Bob Ehrlich's diagnosis for the economic slump is similar to the reasons given by the national Democratic Party, blogs The Sun's Jay Hancock, and fits with his plank to cut the state sales tax from 6 percent...

New Fluzone High Dose Vaccine promises boost in defense

By Jessica Jordan

A new supercharged seasonal flu shot out this year packs four times the strength of a standard vaccine into a single dose.

The new Fluzone High Dose Vaccine is designed for people 65 years and older and promises to offer that age group a major boost in defense again...

Majority Of Guns Used In Crimes Sold In 10 States; Including Va.

By Kavitha Cardoza

Nearly half of the guns that crossed state lines and were used in crimes in 2009 were sold in just ten states, including Virginia, according to a report being released today by a group of more than 500 mayors from around the country.

The group Mayors Against Illegal...

Frederick Municipal Airport Gets a Stimulus Boost

By Meymo Lyons

In Maryland, the Frederick Municipal Airport is getting an infusion of stimulus cash for an air traffic control tower. Senators Benjamin Cardin and Barbara Mikulski say the Federal Aviation Administration has granted final approval to the project. It will be funded with $4.8...

Art Beat for Monday, September 27, 2010

"Art Beat" with Sabri Ben-Achour - Monday, September 27, 2010

(September 27-October 8) STRUCTURE SCLUPTURE Sculptor Carlina Bezzola will be with you shortly, she just needs to run and slip on something more sculpturey. Her exhibit, Structure, is a set of wearable sculptures. It’s an interse...

Latest Maryland Regional News

BALTIMORE (AP) A new study finds vision problems among Baltimore school students may often go uncorrected, even though vision screening is required by law for students through the first eight grades. The report says uncorrected vision is leaving many students at a disadvantage in the classroom....

Hundreds Protest Mountaintop Removal Mining at White House

By Matt Laslo

Hundreds of people protested at the White House gates today demanding that the Obama Administration ban the practice of mountaintop removal mining.

All told approximately one hundred people are arrested.

The protesters say mountaintop removal mining is causing furt...

First Slots Open in Maryland

By Kavitha Cardoza

Maryland's first slots casino is set to open today, ahead of schedule. The Hollywood Casino is in Perryville, about 40 miles north of Baltimore, and has 1,500 slot machines.

A spokeperson for Penn National Gaming, the company behind the casino, says the state lotter...

Environmentalists Rally Against Mountaintop Removal Mining

Environmentalists are rallying in front of the White House to urge an end to mountaintop removal mining. In mountaintop removal mining, forests are clear-cut, explosives blast apart the rock, and machines scoop out the exposed coal.

From the industry’s perspective, the practice has been a s...

Maryland Ban On Talking While Driving

By Jessica Jordan

In Maryland, a new ban on using a cell phone while driving goes into effect later this week, but you'll have to violate another law to get caught.

The new law is described as a secondary offense. That means you can only get a ticket for driving while using a cell pho...

Latest D.C. Local News

WASHINGTON (AP) President Barack Obama says his daughters couldn't get the same quality education at a Washington, D.C., public school that they get at their private school. Obama says the schools in the District of Columbia are ``struggling,'' though he said there have been some important steps...

Chandra Levy Murder Case Postponed

By Rebecca Blatt

A D.C. judge is delaying the trial of a man accused of killing federal intern Chandra Levy and is barring attorneys from speaking to the media about the case.

Superior Court Judge Gerald Fisher postponed Ingmar Guandique's trial, which was supposed to start next week....