News Archive - September 24, 2010

Neighbors Oppose Affordable Housing Plan

By Michael Pope

Overgrown weeds poke through broken concrete at a fallow stretch of land across the street from abandoned buildings in the Mount Vernon District of Fairfax County.

This is North Hill, where the county is about to build a mobile-home community that will serve as afforda...

U. Of Va. Dedicates Day To Violence Prevention

By Jonathan Wilson

Students, faculty and staff at the University of Virginia are being encouraged to address issues of campus safety and violence prevention.

The University is holding a Friday event at its Charlottesville campus called ''Day of Dialogue: Toward a Caring Community.''... State Roundup, September 24, 2010

From the website:

STATE CENTER The developer of the $1.5 billion State Center redevelopment in Midtown Baltimore would delay breaking ground on the project by at least a month unless city officials approve a financial incentive package for its construction, Daniel Serno...

Art Beat With Sabri Ben-Achour Friday and the Weekend, September 24th-26th 2010

"Art Beat" with Sabri Ben-Achour - Weekend Events, September 24-26, 2010

(September 25) MUSEUM DAY Tomorrow is the 6th annual Museum Day. The nationally recognized free-for-all may mean less to those accustomed to the open door policies of the Smithsonians, but a number of museums that usua...

Environmental Groups Rally Support For Offshore Wind In Ocean City

By Bryan Russo

Of 43 offshore wind turbine parks around the world, there aren't any in the United States. Environmental groups are trying to rally support for one off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland.

The $1.6 billion project is still at least several years away, and the nearly 100 p...

Fisherman Concerned With Campaign to Declare Bluefin Tuna Endangered

By Bryan Russo

The Atlantic Bluefin tuna is a mainstay in Ocean City's coastal fishing community, as its one of the most sought after and assessable fish for both sport and recreational fishermen.

Yet, when a petition passed its first big hurdle this week, being deemed by the National...

Former Drug Dealer Wants To Make Good

By Michael Pope

These days, Tony Suggs teaches a class called "boxercize" at an Alexandria recreation center. But he looks back on his youth as time misspent. He had a promising boxing career, and he was on his way to the Olympics when drugs took all that away.

"I spent my best prime...

Quick-Moving Blaze In Manassas Damages 8 Homes

By Patrick Madden

Fire officials in Manassas, Virginia say it could take days to find out what caused a quick-moving, massive fire that destroyed three homes and injured three people.

The fire spread quickly, jumping from home to home. In the end, eight houses were damaged: two were t...

Latest Virginia Regional News

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) Gov. Bob McDonnell says it was an error of haste and not of heart'' when he omitted slavery in proclaiming April Confederate History Month in Virginia this year. lasted and ridiculed nationally last spring for the oversight, McDonnell explained what he called hismajor and unacc...

McDonnell, Democrats Disagree About Findings Of Transportation Audit

By David Schultz

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell says an audit of the state's Department of Transportation has found more than a billion dollars sitting unused. McDonnell wants to spend the money as soon as possible, but some Democrats are taking a more conservative stance.


New Rules For Casino Code of Conduct

By Meymo Lyons

The Maryland Lottery Commission has approved a code of conduct for lottery employees ahead of the opening of the state's first slots casino next week. The code aims to ensure that employees and commission members adhere to a strict standard of ethics while performing duties a...

Stink Bugs Everywhere

By Greg Peppers

Researchers say there appears to be a bumper crop of brown marmorated stink bugs in the metro area this year.

Stink bugs seem to be just about every where you look, inside and outside your house or office building, in your car and sometimes on your clothing.


The Region's Top Stories With Post Columnist Robert McCartney

D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee and Democratic Mayoral Nominee Vincent Gray met to discuss the future of D.C. schools...

In Maryland, the Republican and the Democratic Governors Associations launched ads in the gubernatorial race this week...

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell's ad...

Latest Maryland Regional News

WASHINGTON (AP) Sen. Barbara Mikulski says Montgomery County will receive $2.6 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to recover some of the costs for snow removal last December. A federal disaster declaration after the heavy snow storm made federal funding available to state and lo...

Norton Pushes Metro To Account For Federal Dollars

By Alice Ollstein

Metro officials say the system is much safer today than when the Red Line crash happened a year ago. But they're telling Congress they're concerned about meeting their safety goals without more federal dollars.

The Red Line crash that killed nine people last June lef...

EPA Says Virginia's Bay Plan Lacking

By Meymo Lyons

The EPA is calling on Chesapeake Bay watershed states to toughen their bay restoration plans. The federal Environmental Protection Agency says plans filed by Maryland and the District of Columbia represent a strong start.

But the EPA says plans from five other states, i...

Fairfax Co. Neighborhood Hit Hard by Airbag Thefts

By Jonathan Wilson

In Virginia, Fairfax County Police want the public to be on the lookout for thieves breaking into cars.

These particular thieves aren't interested in wallets, purses or other electronics -- they're after airbags.

Fairfax County Police officer Tawny Wright says...

Rhee's Future As Head Of D.C.'s Public Schools Is Still Uncertain

By Kavitha Cardoza

Chancellor Michelle Rhee's future as head of D.C.'s Public schools is still uncertain. A discussion with Council Chairman Vincent Gray didn't result in a decision.

Rhee appeared uncharacteristically subdued after the almost 90 minute meeting. Despite cameras rolling...

Power Breakfast For September 24, 2010

Mary Love of LaGrange, Kentucky and Dustin White of Charleston, West Virginia have come to Washington this weekend to take their stand against mountain top removal mining.

Elizabeth Wynne Johnson reports...

Latest D.C. Local News

WASHINGTON (AP) D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee has a superstar endorsement: Oprah Winfrey. She wants the school system in Newark, New Jersey to hire Rhee, who she calls a ``warrior woman.'' Other New Jersey education advocates have suggested the same move.

WASHINGTON (AP) The develop...