News Archive - September 21, 2010

Civil Rights Leader, Walters, Remembered

By Matt Laslo

Friends and family of civil rights leader Ronald E. Walters say they are trying to remember his legacy through action. Walters died this month at the age of 72.

Even while dying of cancer Walters spent time educating people about civil rights. In the 50's and 60's he hel...

Latest D.C. Local News

WASHINGTON (AP) — D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray says an independent report on the city's school reforms is expected to come out soon. He told reporters during a news conference yesterday that the National Academy of Sciences is wrapping up an evaluation of the implementation of the 2007 scho...

Charm Card Meets SmartTrip

By Patrick Madden

The Maryland Transit Administration is rolling out a new electronic fare card for use on the state's bus, subway, and light-rail systems.

It's called the CharmCard. It works just like Metro's SmarTrip cards and in fact the two can be used interchangeably. CharmCards...

McDonnell Still Has Convincing to Do on Liquor Proposal

By Jonathan Wilson

Tuesday night in Richmond, Virginia, top aides in Governor Bob McDonnell's office will square off with opponents of his plan to privatize the state's liquor stores to raise money for transportation projects in a debate hosted by the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

But Gove...

Rhee Appears On The Oprah Show

By Kavitha Cardoza

D.C.'s schools chancellor Michelle Rhee appeared as a guest on The Oprah Show, to help promote the education documentary "Waiting For Superman." And while she's hailed as a star in the documentary that's nothing compared to the adulation in Winfrey's studio.

Rhee mi...

Latest Maryland Regional News

BALTIMORE (AP) — The Maryland Transit Administration is introducing a new electronic fare card called the CharmCard for the state's bus, subway and light-rail systems, as well as Washington's Metro system and regional buses. Also beginning today, Metro's SmarTrip cards can be used anywhere a Char...

Power Breakfast For September 21, 2010

Defense Authorization covers a raft of must-do items. From troops' pay increases to weapons systems. This week, it's also a vehicle.

Elizabeth Wynne Johnson reports...

LaHood Says Distracted Driving Laws Need To Move Beyond Texting

By David Schultz

Maryland, D.C. and Virginia have all enacted bans on texting while driving. But highway safety advocates say they need to go further.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is on a personal crusade to end all distracted driving. And he says cell phones are just one...

Art Beat With Sabri Ben-Achour For Tuesday, September 20, 2010

"Art Beat" with Sabri Ben-Achour - Tuesday, September 21, 2010 (September 21) RUSTY MUSICIANS Earlier this year, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra realized that the only thing better than amateur hour is four hours of amateur hour. The second Rusty Musicians performance will be held tonight from 6...

Latest Virginia Regional News

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The U.S. Department of Defense says a soldier from Richmond was killed in an explosion in Afghanistan. Twenty-seven-year-old Army Staff Sgt. Jaime Newman was an infantry squad leader assigned to Fort Campbell, Ky.

BLUEFIELD, W.Va. (AP) — Massey Energy chief executive Do...

Greek Shipping Company Fined for Dumping Oil, Whistleblowers Rewarded

By Sabri Ben-Achour

A judge in Baltimore is fining a Greek shipping company millions for secretly dumping oil overboard from one of its ships.

The whistleblowers will get a big chunk of that money.

In January, after a 740-foot long cargo ship sailed into Baltimore's harbor one o...

High Stakes For Northern Va. Republicans In ABC Privatization Debate

By Jonathan Wilson

In Virginia, Governor Bob McDonnell is still trying to win over skeptics of his plan to privatize state-run liquor stores to raise money for transportation projects.

For many religious organizations in Virginia, it's simple. The Governor's plan would triple the numb... State Roundup, September 21, 2010

From the website:

GOV'S AIR WAR The air war in the governor's race begins in earnest in the D.C. media market today, with a television ad by Gov. Martin O'Malley, in which he claims to have "put education first" despite tough budget times, John Wagner of the Washington...

Bikeshare Program Coming To D.C., Arlington

By David Schultz

Here's how the bike-share program works: a monthly fee allows you to pick up a bike at one of several dozen rental stations in Arlington and the District. Then, when you're done, you drop the bike off at another rental station.

Gabe Klein, the District's Transportatio...

D.C. Council: Same Look, New Role

By Patrick Madden

The D.C. Council is meeting for the first time since last week's democratic primary. In some ways, nothing has changed since the council last met.

All the members are back. Same committee assigments, same seats on the dais.

The top issue hasn't disappeared eith...

Chevy Chase School Sees Pedestrian Improvements

By Matt Bush

In Maryland, parents and administrators at one elementary school in Montgomery County pushed for changes that would make it safer to walk to the school.

Rock Creek Forest Elementary in Chevy Chase sits off of Grubb Road, just beyond the Maryland border with D.C.