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Gray Holds Council Presser Now As Potential Mayor

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By Patrick Madden

The District's presumptive mayor elect, Vincent Gray, is holding a press conference later this morning. Gray will remain remain the chairman of the city council until January. That's when the next mayor is officially sworn-in.

This week the council returns from its summer recess and will go right back to where it left off: tackling the city's budget woes.

Gray has already identified a $35 million gap that needs to be filled because of a Medicaid funding issue. And officials believe once revenue estimates are released next week, it's very likely the District's budget shortfall could be closer to $100 million.

Another challenge will be navigating the transition from the Fenty administration to one presumably led by Gray. Already some key agency heads have announced they are stepping down. State Superintendent of Education Kerri Briggs has resigned and Attorney General Peter Nickles has said he will be leaving as well.


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