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Rhee, Weingarten See Election Results Differently

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By Kavitha Cardoza

D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee and the American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten, supported different candidates in the city's primary election.

Rhee says she was a huge factor in Mayor Adrian Fenty losing his reelection bid, and that she feels guilty about the results.

Rhee says she warned Fenty hiring her would cause a lot of opposition.

"He said I don't care, I'm willing to put all my political capital on the line, to make sure we made excellent schools and I think the unfortunate thing is that's actually come to fruition, but he's set a precedent of what incredibly courageous leadership on this front looks like," Rhee says.

But Weingarten, who supported Council Chairman Vincent Gray, says the election was broader than just education reform for voters.

"It was really a decision for them in differences in leadership style -- and about someone who is far more collaborative and believes in working with people, versus someone who is more autocratic," Weingarten says.

Gray has not said whether he'll keep Rhee on as chancellor and Rhee has not said whether shell stay, if asked.

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