News Archive - September 14, 2010

Regional Transportation Board Considering Highway Toll Roads

By Jessica Jordan

Area transportation officials are meeting to consider ways to curb congestion across the region Wednesday. One idea is to create a large system of toll roads.

Heavy traffic and delays on I-95 are nothing new for drivers like Lance Antill.

"One accident on the h...

Decision Time For D.C. Voters

By Jonathan Wilson

Today's Democratic mayoral primary will likely decide who will be the next mayor of the nation's capital.

Voting started at 7 this morning.

Incumbent Mayor Adrian Fenty started his day before sunrise at his headquarters on Georgia Avenue, doing his best to ene...

Board Considers Gray Request For Longer D.C. Voting

WASHINGTON (AP) A lawyer for D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray's mayoral campaign says they may seek court action if the Board of Elections doesn't extend voting hours in Washington.

A letter from campaign lawyer Lloyd Jordan requests a two-hour voting extension citywide until 10 p.m. due...

Election Day In The District

By Patrick Madden

Election officials in the District are bracing for a huge turnout in today's primary elections.

The city's board of elections and ethics is expecting and preparing for about twice as many people to cast a ballot this year as compared to 2006, when there were approxim...

Latest Virginia Regional News

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) Gov. Bob McDonnell says Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens will deliver the keynote address at the fi rst Governor's Conference on Energy next month. The October 12th to the 14th Richmond conference is called ``Virginia: The Energy Capital of the East Coast,'' which reflects a...

Low Voter Turnout Projected On Delmarva

By Bryan Russo

On the Eastern Shore of Maryland, today’s primary could set the stage for a state senate rematch. But, the big story of the day seems to be low voter turnout.

Worcester County Commissioner President Bud Church says of all the years that he’s run for office, he’s glad th...

Art Beat With Sabri Ben-Achour Tuesday, September 14th 2010

"Art Beat" with Sabri Ben-Achour - Tuesday, September 14, 2010 (September 15) BUSTY BENEFIT
Bras. 62 of them - decorated with feathers, jewels, even silly string. They have names like Boobalicious and C of Faces. And they’re on display tomorrow night in Herndon Virginia. It’s an exhibit to...

Primary Voting Starts With A Couple Of Glitches In D.C.

By Jonathan Wilson

Primary voting has begun in the District of Columbia, but the morning hasn't been totally free of glitches in the process.

At voting precinct 105, the Harris School in Marshall Heights, poll workers were unable to get into the building until 7:30, a half hour after...

Sharing The Road In D.C.

The District gets its first bicycle traffic light, marking another step in the city's effort to be more bike-friendly. Erissa Scalera reports.

Fenty And Gray Supporters Await Results

Both D.C. mayoral campaigns are waiting on the results of today's primary election. Kavitha Cardoza is at the Fenty headquarters in the Brightwood neighborhood in northwest and says the mood is festive.

Power Breakfast For September 14, 2010

The crime of rape is routinely mishandled by police, and nationwide crime estimates are off as a result. That's the case that will be made this afternoon before a Senate subcommittee.

Elizabeth Wynne Johnson reports...

Latest Maryland Regional News

BALTIMORE (AP) A federal judge approved a deal under which a supermarket chain at the heart of the corruption case against an indicted state senator will pay a $2.5 million fine and cooperate in the prosecution of the politician and two former grocery executives. The judge plans to set a June tri...

Indicted State Senator Runs Unopposed In Md. Primary

By David Schultz

In Maryland, one of the candidates running in today's primary elections is facing federal bribery charges. But, he's almost guaranteed to win.

Ulysses Currie is a veteran Democratic state senator from Prince Georges County. He's facing a federal indictment, on charges...

Some Want Md. Assembly To Ban Laser Pointers

By Bryan Russo

Ocean City police officials estimate that more than 30,000 laser pointers were sold this summer in the resort. But, now that the tourists have gone home and taken their laser pointers with them, neighborhoods throughout the region are being forced to deal with a rising proble... State Roundup, September 14, 2010

From the website:

D.C. SUBURBS TURNOUT Election officials in Prince George's and Montgomery counties and D.C. are warning that because a large number of voters are expected to cast absentee and provisional ballots, close races might not be determined for days, Mike DeBo...

Judge Rejects Gray's Request For Longer Polling Hours

By Kavitha Cardoza

A D.C. superior court judge has rejected a request by the Gray Campaign to extend voting hours to 10:00 p.m.

Lawyers for Gray and Mayor Adrian Fenty were in court tonight. Gray's campaign sought to have polling hours extended because of what it says were problems at...

D.C. Student Gains In SAT Scores "Very Impressive"

By Kavitha Cardoza

Almost 110,000 college bound high school seniors in the Washington area took the SATs earlier this year. And while the national average score was flat compared with last year, D.C. students posted significantly higher gains.

Nationwide the composite scores in the re...

Provisional Ballots May Delay Results

By Meymo Lyons

Election officials in the District of Columbia and Prince George's and Montgomery counties are warning a large number of absentee and provisional ballots could delay final results in tight races.

Provisional ballots are subject to review by the elections boards, and tho...

Md. Bus Strike Could Hurt Voter Turnout

By Matt Laslo

A bus strike in Prince George's County, Maryland is affecting thousands of commuters for the second straight day, which some voter rights groups worry could hurt turnout in Tuesday's primary election.

Extra minutes count on Election Day, and outside the Branch Avenue Met...

Va. Residents Get First Look At Dulles Rail Plans

Northern Virginia residents are getting their first look at the plans to build a new metro rail line out to Dulles airport.

Transportation reporter David Schultz brings us that story from Reston.

Latest D.C. Local News

WASHINGTON (AP) The D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics is considering whether to extend voting hours after the leading challenger in the race for Washington mayor complained some polls weren't operating on time. A spokeswoman for D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray says they are requesting a cityw...

Primary Results Could Produce Interesting Matchups on Delmarva

By Bryan Russo

In Maryland's District 38, Democrat Jim Mathias is trying to continue his climb up the political ladder and win a state Senate seat.

If he wins his primary today as expected, the former Ocean City mayor and current state delegate will face off against the same opponent...