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Alexandria City Council to Consider Revising Taxicab Rules

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Drivers are fighting the city of Alexandria's regulation that requires each taxi driver to take two dispatch calls per day.
Drivers are fighting the city of Alexandria's regulation that requires each taxi driver to take two dispatch calls per day.

By Michael Pope

When Alexandria created new regulations for the taxicab industry several years ago, elected leaders created a new system of certificates for drivers allowing them to easily move from company to company.

But they also created a requirement that each driver respond to two dispatch calls per day per driver.

"That doesn't really fit in today's marketplace," organizer Jon Liss says. "There's a lot of people who get picked up at the Metro, there's people who get flags from the hotel. All those are serving the Alexandria market."

Next month, the City Council will consider a plan that would keep the dispatch requirement but reduce the penalty.

Instead of shutting down companies for failing to respond, the city will prevent non-compliant companies from growing.

"If the majority of the drivers are not going to accept it, it's going to fail," driver Syed Hussein says.

Drivers say they're organizing to form a united front against the dispatch rule.

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