News Archive - August 30, 2010

Judge Rejects Cuccinelli's Subpoena of UVA Documents

By Rebecca Blatt

A judge in Albemarle County has set aside Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's subpoena for documents related to a climate scientist at the University of Virginia. But the decision may not put an end to the case.

Cuccinelli had tried to subpoena documents relate...

After Rallies, Activists Plan For What Comes Next

By Cathy Carter and Jessica Gould

Most of those who gathered in Washington to rally and counter-rally on the National Mall this weekend have now gone back home. While the two opposing groups have different philosophies and different goals, both have their eyes on what comes next.

Tom... State Roundup, August 30, 2010

From the website:

TAX RETURNS Both Ehrlich and O'Malley released their tax forms. The Post's John Wagner and Aaron Davis compared the candidates and their families' earnings. Ehrlich's return showed that he and his wife made almost $2.5 million after he left office, wri...

Judge Blocks Va. Attorney General's Request For Climate Change Documents

By Elliott Francis

A Virginia circuit court judge has blocked a request by State Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for research documents written by a leading climate scientist.

The attorney general alleged Dr. Michael Mann manipulated data to obtain grants for his research on climate c...

Organic Grocery Store Opening In Ward 8

By Ginger Moored

A Yes! Organic grocery store will open on Wednesday in Ward 8’s Fairlawn neighborhood. Bloggers, developers, and urban planners have their opinions, some think an organic grocer can't possibly be successful in the District’s poorest ward. But others are convinced that good,...

Electric “Smart Grid” Coming To Central Maryland

By Cathy Duchamp

Baltimore Gas and Electric says it will create 350 new jobs to build it’s so-called “smart grid system.” The utility got regulatory approval earlier this month to revamp the electricity infrastructure for 1.2 million customers in Central Maryland.

Installers will fan...

Latest D.C. Local News

WASHINGTON (AP) Metrorail riders will start paying another 20 cents for rides during the height of the morning rush this week. The 20-cent peak-of-the-peak fee will be charged for Metrorail trips taken between 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. on weekdays.

WASHINGTON (AP) On this trip to Washington, Rog...

Poll Shows Fenty Behind Gray

By Patrick Madden

As early voting begins in the District, a Washington Post poll shows challenger Vincent Gray with a commanding lead over Mayor Adrian Fenty.

In 2006, Adrian Fenty swept every precinct in the Democratic primary. Now four years later, the mayor is in serious trouble. T...

Superintendent Of Montgomery Co. Schools Talks About Retiring And Back To School

Morning Edition host Matt McCleskey talks with Dr. Jerry Weast, Superintendent of Montgomery County Schools. After 11 years in the position, Weast is retiring at the end of the academic year.

D.C. Union Looking For Answers On Methanol Spill

By Jessica Jordan

Union employees at a D.C. wastewater treatment plant say D.C. Water and Sewer officials are trying to cover up a methanol spill that could still be putting them at risk.

Employees at the Blue Plains Wastewater treatment facility say a mechanical failure in the plant'...

Art Beat - Monday, August 30 2010

"Art Beat" with Sabri Ben-Achour - Monday, August 30, 2010 (August 30-October3) SOMETHING YOU DID A stellar student gets a life sentence for a bout of violent political activism in Something You Did, on the stage at Theater J through early October. People from Alison Moulton’s past reappear as sh...

Power Breakfast For August 30, 2010

Today federal judges will enter a plea for better security in their courtrooms. These are judges who preside not over hardened criminals, but over immigration and social security disability cases.

Elizabeth Wynne Johnson reports...

Latest Maryland Regional News

BALTIMORE (AP) A 28-year-old Baltimore man has been charged with stabbing at least eight people, killing one of them, at a high school reunion. A fight broke out inside the Patapsco Arena where Walbrook High School alumni were gathered for a reunion Friday night and a police spokesman says one ma...

Virginia Firefighters Receive Gift Of Steel From New York City

By Cathy Carter

The Arlington County Virginia fire department received a gift this weekend intended to honor their service at the Pentagon on 9/11.

A procession marched past station house No.5, as the department formally accepted several pieces of steel recovered from the World Trade...

Students Return In Maryland's Largest School District

By Kavitha Cardoza

Students in Maryland's largest school district head back to school this morning.

Some of the approximately 1,100 yellow school buses are already on the roads this morning in Montgomery County as classes reopen for approximately 144,000 children.

Enrollment has...

Metro Report Reveals Single-Digit Average Bus Speeds

The D.C. region has the sixth largest metropolitan bus operation in the country--and some of the worst traffic congestion. Erissa Scalera reports on Metro's single-digit bus speeds.

Alexandria School Considers Public-Private Partnership

By Michael Pope

Damon Colbert lives near the King Street Metro station, directly across the street from Jefferson-Houston School, which has struggled for years with failing test scores and dwindling enrollment.

Now school officials say the building needs to be replaced, and they've su...

Bittersweet Tea Helps Mothers Cope

By Jessica Gould

Every year, mothers who have lost their children to violence come together for an afternoon of sweets and solace.

For Nardyne Jefferies, just filling out a form can be too much.

"You know, do you have any children. Yes or no. And I sat there for a long time beca...

Latest Virginia Regional News

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) A judge says Virginia's attorney general has failed to explain how a former UVa climate researcher defrauded state taxpayers to obtain government grants. Ken Cuccinelli is a global warming skeptic who challenged the work of researcher Michael Mann.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) A ma...

Hunting For Emeralds

By Garland McLaurin

The Emerald Ash Borer has killed millions of ash trees in the US. In Fairfax county Virginia the local government is trying to combat the spread of the beetle.

Hunting For Emeralds from Garland McLaurin on Vimeo.

Metro's New Pricing System Creates Confusion Among Riders

By David Schultz

Metro is increasing its train fares again today, with a $0.20 surcharge during the peak of the morning rush hour. But determining how much a fare costs can be tricky.

With this new fare increase, there are now nine different times of day in which Metro charges differe...

Consumer Privacy A Concern With New "Smart Meters" In Md.

By Cathy Duchamp

This time next year Baltimore Gas and Electric will begin to swap out conventional electric meters with digital ones that the utility says will save customers money. But BGE’s so-called “smart grid” plan goes beyond new meters.

So-called ‘smart meters’ will allow you...