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Fairfax Looks to Expand Anti-Terrorism Training

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By Matt Laslo

Fairfax County, Virginia, was the first county on the East Coast to train police officers for terrorist attacks, and they're now looking to expand that program.

Since 2003, Fairfax County SWAT team members have conducted terrorism training for officers from more than thirty federal and local agencies.

In a simulation, a group of Mount Vernon police officers faced a shooter rampaging at a mall.

Officer Brian Ruck says realistic training operations will save lives if there's a real terrorist attack.

"Unfortuantely we don't have to deal with this type of stuation very often so you really got to train for it, because we are not put in this type of situation all the time," Ruck said.

The region's law enforcement agencies have applied for more than a million dollars to expand the program, which could happen in the next six months.


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