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Muslim Men's Lawyers Vow To Appeal

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By Rebecca Sheir

Defense lawyers for the five Muslim men convicted of terror plots in Pakistan are vowing to appeal the ruling.

The president of the mosque in Virginia where the young men worshiped says their attorneys and families believe the evidence was faked and the men are innocent.

Standing outside the mosque in Alexandria, Virginia, Mohammad Zahid Khan says mosque members were surprised by the verdict, and the accompanying 10-year prison sentence for the five American Muslim men.

"Everybody was expecting they would get released," says Khan, "Because the prosecution has no strong case against them. They have a very weak case."

Khan says that's why the young men's lawyers and loved ones are determined to overturn the conviction.

"It appears that their attorney and their families want to proceed their case in the high court," he says.

Khan says he's concerned about the men's alleged torture during interrogations by Pakistani police and FBI agents.

The community is praying for the young men and their families, he says and trying to maintain faith in the justice system.


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